To Blog or not to Blog

If you think you want to Blog… Go for it.  Just do it.  Its easy.
Oh, wait… you want to have a successful blog?  Define successful first.
First thing you need though, is something to say.  If you just want to run your mouth, use Twitter or Facebook. If you want to really publish your words, then Blog.
The best way to do it is to pick a topic or two, or even three. These are you main subjects and stick to those.  These should be subjects you are knowledgeable about.
Blog regularly, but make sure you have a point.
Blog for yourself.  If you have an audience then great.
Don’t look at Blog Stats.  Just do what you do.
If you don’t suck, people will dig it.  If they don’t, who care? You blog for yourself.  If you stay true to this, people will dig it.

I am considering, very strongly, starting a new blog.  This would be a Food/Road/Character blog.  A division of  Not a replacement.  If/When I do that, I’m going to kill my Facebook Account and just concentrate on my blogs and WTA.

Post Election Violence

The media is throwing their arms in the air because there might be riots if Obama loses the election.
I’d be more worried about the possible Civil War if Obama wins.

I feel that no matter what happens, there will be blood. Its just a matter of degree.  If all we have are some overturned and burnt cars is a few of the big cities, then we will be lucky.  A few riots is probably the best case scenario. 

I remain optimistic about the future of our Nation, only because I am optimistic that Romney will win.  I can see things getting back to normal.  If Obama wins… the Nation will forever be changed into something it was never meant to be.