The State of Utah continues to Screw Up

The State of Utah can really irk me something fierce.

They instituted a Coyote Bounty to reduce the number of Predators that have been tearing up the population of Utah’s Big Game species.  50 Bucks for a pair of years.  That’s good.  But then Utah requires not just the Ears, but the Jaw, and GPS Coordinates of the where the Coyote was taken.  And you can’t take more than one in the same location.  You have to fill out forms… Its pretty much a mess and it makes it not worth pursuing Coyotes.  Many hunters have pretty much given up on it thanks to the over-regulation and making it more of a pain in the ass to deal with.  So they took a great program that could have done some good… and ruined it.

Then the State has sold out the Uintah Basin by approving a Pipeline to take water from Flaming Gorge to feed Denver.  This is going to drop the Gorge by an estimated 20 feet.  This pretty much is going to ruin all the best fishing spots.  Thanks a lot, Utah.  The Flaming Gorge is a travel destination for people coming from all across the country – and Utah just decided to sell it out.  Never mind the businesses that depend on people coming to the Gorge… Screw those guys.

And this last one… this one pisses me off almost as much the the Flaming Gorge pipeline…  And this is the US Forest Service that did it, not the State of Utah, but the State didn’t do anything to stop it.
My brother and I went to a Ghost Town location.  A place called Bullionville.  It was a Mine that went under back in the 20’s.  It had a number of cabins and such.  In the 30’s it was revived again that’s to the use of the CCC that came in, used the location, fixed it up even.  I’ve seen photos of the location, the buildings, and cars and trucks at the location.  It’s a piece of Utah’s history.  Or it was.
My brother and I found the location to the spot.  Nothing there.  You can see though, where it was, where the buildings were, where the ponds were.  But there’s nothing left.  I was told the US Forest Service tore it all down and out.  Destroying a piece of Utah’s History.  Thanks a lot US Forest Service.

Packing the M9

Last weekend I ended up with my friend Mike Kupari’s old Beretta 92FS.  This is the same gun that the US Army just bought another 100,000 of.  I’ve been packing it since I got it, which is about the same time Beretta made the announcement.

The Beretta is a huge pistol for 9mm.  The grip frame is massive and the magazine capacity is less than it should be for a gun of this size.  Only 15 rounds when other guns with smaller grips are able to pack in 18 or so.  But this isn’t a big deal to me.  The gun has a lot of character.  It’s easy to shoot well with.  And it’s not too heavy.  It carries well enough in the good Pancake style holster I have for it.  But it can print thanks to the Beretta’s slide mounted safety.

Overall, I really like it.  I do prefer packing a full sized handgun, or a Mid Size, compared to the popular Sub-Compact options.