Hot day, cool ride

The day was hot and sweaty… we had an Outlaw Trail Caste Party in town so I rode in. Taking it nice and easy. There was a weather front that moved in and cooled things down. My new Joe Rocket Mesh jacket really felt good, flowing a lot of air through it. A little bit of rain splashed me… Oh man… No other feeling like it.
Grilled burgers in the park was awesome.

Unfortunately the ride home had me accompanied by a Law Enforcement escort almost the entire way. From Naples to Vernal, UHP. Then VCPD through to where I gassed up at Morts. After gassing up, another VCPD picked me up. He peeled off and I thought I was in the clear, but stayed chill. Up ahead, UCSD was on location in one of their new rigs sitting there watching the Round About. I didn’t speed through it, but I didn’t slow down for it. Gave the Deputy a wave as I memorized the rig. Turned by the Maeser Sev, and another UHP picked me up and followed me most of the way home. WTF is going on? I checked into it and there was nothing going down about me… just epic level chronic bad luck for a guy wanting to twist his wrist.

The Scariest Movies has an article about the 13 Scariest movies.

This list is for Horror Lightweights… Which means for most people living in Utah.  But the Ogre lives in Utah and this list is something he might watch at 3 AM because he can’t sleep.  *Yawn*.  I’m bored and tired just looking at that Fail Roster.

Okay, The Ring and The Thing are right up there for great Spook Flix… but they don’t SCARE me.  I’m not exactly sure what it is that really scares me… but there is one that stands out that scared the shit out of me.


There are two kinds of people out there… Those that have seen EH in the theatre… and those that have only seen it at home, safe, in your little box.  Event Horizon scared the shiat out of me.  3 days later, I climbed a wall backwards trying to get away from my wife… because I was having a nightmare about EH.  Uncle Musket did the same thing 2800 miles away after watching EH, three days later.  Hell, I had nightmares and couldn’t sleep for a week.

The Woman in Black… with Daniel Radcliffe is a new movie out on disk that’s well worth watching.  It has great Lovecraftian atmosphere and tells a good story.  It’s scared a lot of people I know… and is now in my favorites list of Creepy Movies.  You’ll have to check it out if you’ve not seen it.

So what movie scared you the most?