Superhawk Update.

Unplanned, I sold my bike. An offer was made on my Superhawk. So I sold it. I was surprised, as the thought totally had not occured to me.
Oh well. It’s done. So I shall be getting a new bike. Something that is not a Honda. In fact, its very un-Honda. The Anti-Honda. Something I’ve never had before. It’s also very large and heavy, and that makes me nervous. It’s also ridiculously fast… But not something that will have me riding like I have been. This will be a good upgrade for me. One I can cross the country on… and will.

Tactical Carbine This Saturday.

Thus class is going to be awesome.  We’ve got three if The Gun Dudes coming out to attend the class.  These guys are a riot.  If you’ve been thinking about coming out to train, this is the class to be at.  Come on, nut up and do it.