I’m officially back into reloading

Owning another .44 Magnum means one thing is for certain.  I am now officially back into reloading.

I’ll need to acquire all the hardware and components of course… but yeah… I’m a Reloader again.  I can get an Omega 800 press for 23 bucks.  A set of dies for 30 bucks.  And that’s off to a pretty good start.  Biggest thing though, is all the brass.  And making sure I pick up brass.

Anyone want to trade .44 Mag brass for .308 brass?

More thoughts on the Tactical Lever Action

I’ve had many questions about why I picked the Rossi M92 over other rifles such as the Legacy Puma, the Marlin options, or Henry, or Uberti… etc.  My selection of the Rossi example is by no means disparaging the others.  They are all quite good Arms and if you have one, then it’s going to serve you well.  Before I made my choice, I studied the Level Action platform very carefully, to include going through history books and talking to old cowboys (we still actually have those around here) and talking to new cowboys – The Cowboy Action Shooters. (We have a lot more of those around here) What I didn’t do was search internet gun forums past 3 minutes… because most of those were “Well, I use this so this is the best… no, I’ve not even seen any others, but this is the best because I have it.”

I selected the 92 design because of two things.

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