I didn’t know I wanted higher taxes.

Obama is freaking up in the night.  No, I don’t want higher taxes, Mr. President… you jackass.  Since you’ve been in office, my income has been lower and the cost of everything has gone higher.  My savings are depleted and debt is rising.  All of this as a direct result of your policies.  Direct and tangible results of the Obama administration’s actions.

No, I don’t want to pay more.  I want this Administration to go away.  I can’t wait to Vote you jackasses out of office come November 2012.

Gun Lust of the Day: SIG P220 Compact SAS

Full of Want

The SIG P220 Compact SAS.   It’s all I want for Christmas… just this…

In all seriousness, I’ve always wanted a compact P220 and have never had one.  My respect for the P220 goes so far that I could almost forgo the companionship of 1911’s, in favor of the P220’s.  I’ve had several full sized SIG P220’s.  One was a duty weapon for me in Richmond, VA.  Fantastic gun.  However back then, compacts were just not around.   If you wanted one and were flush with coin, there were a couple top level gunsmiths that could do a chop job and make you one.  It was the stuff of dreams.  Then there was the P245, a factory cut down.  I don’t know the difference between the P245 and the P220 Compact, if there is any.  But it’s still the gun I’ve always wanted and never had.   Looking back at the Custom versions from gunsmiths… they featured melting and trigger work and all that.   One I saw was about 2500 bucks into the work.  And now here is a Compact, Melted/Dehorned, with an even better trigger… from the factory.

Why do I not already have one already?