Confession: Hoodies

I love them. They are my favorite thing to wear… Hooded sweatshirts with a front pocket… Hoodies… Over a t-shirt that’s tucked into a pair of jeans, fresh socks, and a comfortable pair of sneakers. This is my favorite sort of outfit. Super comfortable is a bonus, but the best thing about this style is that there is no limitation on what one can pack concealed. No requirement that your defensive tool has to be as small as a Matchbox and chambered in something the size of a grape seed. You can pack a full sized defensive handgun that is massively effective in skilled hands.
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The ATF gets to define my Sport?

Since when does the BATFE have the right to define what my Sport is?

Since when does the 2nd Amendment have a “Sporting” requirement?

The BATFE is overstepping their bounds.  They are an old, outdated agency and society and the shooting industry has outgrown the need for them… Well, maybe the “E” part.  I can can see the continued regulation of explosives… so disolve everyone out of the agency that doesn’t deal with explosives and rename their new smaller Charter.  The B.E is fine… We can call them the Bang Boys.