The .50 cal Ricochet to the head video

You guys have all seen the video before… I’m getting a lot of messages about it on facebook and youtube and such for some reason.  I guess it gone around the forums again.

Okay, it’s an Armalite AR-50. The ammo was South African Mil-Surp. The range was 100 yards. The target plate was only 1/4″ thick. It should have been like tissue paper to the 750 grain slug at 2800 FPS. Willie, the shooter, is a Former Marine with a lot of experience. The plate was angled back and to the side. A ric should have gone up and to the right. It didn’t.
This was a freak accident that could have ended badly. The ric could have opened his head up, or it could have hit one of the guys behind him. It would have been like being hit point blank with a .45ACP, that’s how much energy that slug still had.
The slug struck the arm of his glasses and the ear-pro. It destroyed the electronic ear-pro, bent the arm, and it cracked the top of his jawbone.
The man that said “We’re not doing that anymore” is his father. He almost saw his Son get killed. It was also Willie’s daughter’s birthday. She almost lost her Dad that day. Everyone there was very lucky that Willie only caught a graze.
I first posted that video on In a manner of hours it crashed my server – repeatedly – because it went viral instantly. A reader put it on YouTube. And it went viral all over again.
It’s been on TV a few times on different shows… and Willie has made some money on it. Willie remains a good friend to this day.

The wave of destruction continues

Not content to destroy only the Auto-Industry, Oil Industry, Housing, Construction, Banking… The Feds are now after Fishermen.  (Again)

A new Federal Regulation called “Catch-Share” is ruining lives, families, and causing suicides.

If the goal of the Government is to ruin everything they touch – they are batting a thousand.  I swear, it’s like the Feds are the King Midas of Crap.  Everything they touch turns to…