Bin Laden’s family may sue…

The Son of Osama Bin Laden is saying that they may sue the US Government because of the way the US Navy treatment of Osama.

Uh huh…

Does he know who Bin Laden was?  The whole 9-11-01 thing?  The whole 3,000 innocent lives lost because of Bin Laden?

Call Seal Team Six again, they have some more work to do.

16 thoughts on “Bin Laden’s family may sue…”

  1. At the risk of being un-PC, I thought the proper Islamic technique for dispatching of captured enemies involved a large knife and international television…

      1. I wish it wasn’t even something that really happened. That sort of thing should only exist in the minds of horror novelists. It has no place in reality.

        On the upside… er, well.. less horrific side. they seem to have abandoned that tactic. At least I’ve not heard of any recent be-headings.

        My frustration comes form the notion that we will bend over backwards to honor Islamic traditions, that our Islamic enemies gleefully ignore.

        I guess that’s why we’re the good guys?

  2. Maybe Nobama can have ’em call The White House for a beer summit. Then use satellite tracking for the phone locations and send an X-51 missile to BOTH locations

  3. Bad side is they will have NO problem finding lawyers to help them here or in the UK. Scum. ACLU is almost a local field post of Osama…

  4. Some of the families of the victims of the 9-11 attack would like to speak to this child about his inheritance money, and just how much of it is owed to them.

        1. Just saying, the money’s already been paid. If they’re awarded a judgment, it should go right back to the American taxpayers, to compensate us for the funds we “loaned” the victims, pending that judgment.

          1. I wouldn’t begrudge them any money… What they went through, the loss of in some cases multiple family members.
            My own father was to have been in the Pentagon that morning… in an office that was in the impact zone. I could have lost my father that day.
            Just before that attack, router engineers with the company I worked with at the time… my guys… were working a network issue with a company in tower one. The were tel-netting in to their systems when it went dead. No answer on the phones… lines cut off. Then someone saw the news.
            I take it personal even though no one I knew was killed that day… but we felt it.

          2. That’s OK. As long as this retard gets counter-sued by someone, I’ll be happy. The .gov, the victim’s families, whoever.

  5. Saw this on the news earlier. Way I understand it, they’re suing for the pictures, and conclusive proof that ObL is actually dead. Seems they’re having problems getting access to the inheritance because they can’t confirm that Daddy Dearest is actually dead.

  6. Guess it won’t let comments nest more than a certain number deep?

    Anyway, my point was that it’s like there’s a judgment against bin Laden. If you win the lottery, are are subject to an outstanding judgment, you have to pay that off, first (or you get locked up for civil contempt, for willfully failing to obey the judgment, once you were able to pay). So, if bin Laden’s estate were to receive a payout, they would have to pay off that judgment, first. Something tells me that that scumbag’s life was not worth anywhere near what was already paid out to his victims, so if they win a suit, they’re still in the red.

    It’s not a perfect analogy, but it points out how ludicrous the claim is. What could he possibly be worth? How much is the sum total of what was paid to the families of his victims? He can’t even come close to that, no matter how generous a jury was feeling…

  7. Let him sue and let the court find in his favor for $1 and not a penny more. Then call Six again….

    That’s my $0.02.


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