One of my favorite reads, for free.

Got a message from my good friend and author Marcus Wynne.  He is offering up his first book for free.  I’ve spoken of Marcus’ works in the past.  He is an extraordinary writer of gritty action, and I enjoy his writing a great deal.  It’s actually his fault entirely that I’ve been jonesing hard for a Browning High Power.

The book is NO OTHER OPTION.  To get the book for free, use code:  KU25Y

If I could pick 5 authors to back me up in a fight, Marcus would be in that small group.  That means he knows what it is that he’s talking about.  Authentic knowledge.  Marcus knows of which he speaks.  He has been there, done that.  He could be one scary dude if you didn’t know him.  But he’s a great guy and one of the most noble men I know.  Get his book.  Read it.  The get all his others.

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What do I need on my AR?

This is a common question that I get.  What add-on’s does one really need?  The simple answer is “none”.  A basic, stripped down AR is perfectly serviceable.   So you don’t necessarily need anything else.  Anything from here on that you might add, should only be based on how it’s going to help you do what you want to do with it.

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