Ruger’s 1911, the rumors are true.

To have another Gun Maker coming out with a 1911, isn’t surprising.  But for Ruger to jump into this crowded pool actually makes sense.  Much like S&W before they entered the game, Ruger has been making 1911 parts for a long time.

The “SR”1911… because Ruger can’t say 1911… actually looks pretty good. I like the fact that the slide is Forged, even if the frame is cast.  Ruger’s casting is the best in the industry. I’ll give them points for not putting on forward slide serrations.  I’ll even go so far as to give them props for not making the slide a huge freaking billboard.     The simple Double Diamond checkered grips also look good, with a simple Colt style medallion inset into the wood.  As much as I’ve been hating on Ruger… I have to give them a nod here.  Well done, Ruger.  Well done.

Now if you would just change your Distributor Only business model so dealers could actually make a buck stocking your guns – yeah… that would be great.  Because as it is now, I hope I don’t have to sell one, because I’d make more money selling anything else.  Ruger and Glock… there’s no money in selling the things.  So am just not excited about these things.