A Nation of Clowns

America has become a nation of clowns.  Since the Republicans have taken over, spending has not slowed down.  Spending Cuts was a puppet show.  They are raising the Debt Ceiling again – making the US Dollar even more worthless.  The GOP’s brightest star at the moment is Donald “You’re Fired” Trump?  Oh come on.  The only upshot to a President Donald would be that he seriously couldn’t be any worse than Obama…  The only President worse than Warren G. Harding (in my opinion).  The Democrats are acting the fool at every turn while being drunk on Tax Dollars.  The rest of the world is asking “What the hell is going on in America?” while at the same time pointing at us and saying “See!”   Every bad thing they’ve been saying about America – is being proven true.

And as a Nation, we care more about American Idol than actual issues and political platforms and who we are electing.