Calling Shennanigans on Remington

Take a good hard and close look at the 2011 Remington Catalog. On page 66 there is a blurb for the 450 Bushmaster Premier Accutip load. This blurb makes the claim that the Accutip provides “supreme accuracy” while delivering “A big dose of aerodynamics“. They go on to claim that Accutip “delivers delivers exceptional flight characteristics for ultimate downrange precision and sustained energy.”
Oh really? Hmmm… That’s interesting. Let’s take a look at the ballistic tables on page 107. Continue reading Calling Shennanigans on Remington

Sitting on my hands…

Crusader Weaponry has some amazing news that I just want to shout from the roof tops. But I can’t say anything yet. This is unbelievable and totally awesome… but my lips are sealed until the appointed time.
I don’t do it often – but I just spun in an office chair. I’m that jazzed about this. This firmly anchors Crusader Weaponry on “THE MAP” and is going to raise eyebrows and “WTF’s” from people blind sided by us, from around the country.