Bullet Proof

A friend gave me an old Military bullet proof vest and an extra ballistic panel.  These are out-dated units and well beyond the years they are certified for protection. He was going to give them to someone else, but that person mentioned putting it on and having someone shoot him.  So I got it.

As soon as I get a proper laptop that can process video again… There will be some fun subject matter!   I have a lot of videos planned that I want to do, and now I think I’ve just come up with a half dozen more.

Raising the kids right

One of my younger boys is learning to play the guitar.  He has a lot of interest in music and has developed an interesting skill.  You can play him a song, and he will tell you what song it is, and who it is.  He even nailed a cover.  He’s pretty awesome at this.  Oh, this is within Country and Rock music… mainly Rock, and specifically Metal.

I’m sitting here at home at Ogre Ranch, with my foot up… listening to some music.  I have Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” playing.  And he didn’t know who Metallic was.

This was one of those “I have failed as a Father moments.”  Not as bad as when one of my boys said he didn’t know who Bugs Bunny was… but still.  He home schools, so this hole in his education will get filled.