Armchair Quarterbacking: TAURUS handguns

Part One.

Here we go again guys… Yes, I know its so soon since I just did Mossberg.  But I’ve some thoughts on Taurus here and now.
Taurus has come a long way, Baby.  These guys have made a mint on the Judge revolver series, and everyone knows all about them, even people who don’t know guns.  Because according to one guy that says he knows a guy that is friends with a guy that hunts ducks with them.   Well, I’m not talking about the super serious, uber deadly Judges.   We’re going to talk about the other stuff Taurus makes.
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Looking for a good knifemaker

I’m looking for a good knifemaker. This Maker will pretty much handle all of Crusader Weaponry‘s blade orders after payments are processed. The knives will be of a specific pattern, large, a high carbon stainless steel, simply media blasted and then Duracoated. Handles are simple scales on a full tang.  There will be two patterns for the customer to pick from.  These knives will be offered with rifles as a package, and sold individually.

This is an opportunity for a skilled knifemaker to make a name for himself, grow his business, and get some promotion.

If you think you can make some blades for Crusader, send me an email.