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Walmart and Guns

The Firearms Blog has posted an interesting story about a woman trying to buy a Shotgun at a Walmart.  It’s worth the quick read, go check it out.

I really hate Walmart.  No, seriously… it’s not a passive strong dislike… I hate Walmart and everything about it offends me.  I especially hate that it’s the only place within 3 hours that carries my Chain Lube, so about once a month, I have to run in to get a can… That pisses me off too.  But the fact that they sell guns is especially offensive.  Their Gun Department help is usually staphed by the most shockingly ignorant and arrogant people I’ve ever seen.  The person in this article… add sexist to Walmart’s list of characteristics.

The downside to this is that an Gun Clerk has the right to refuse to sell a gun to anyone they feel like.  There is nothing this woman can do about it.    I’ve sold plenty of 12 gauge shotguns to women of all sizes.  Even a Petite Elf Woman can Rock and Roll with a 12 gauge.   If this WalMart Gun Clerk had any shooting experience, he’d know that.  But he’s an Ignorant Douche which is on Par with every WalMart Gun Department person I’ve ever met.