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We talk about packing guns for many reasons… one of them is protection.  But have you really thought about it, taking in the ramifications?  You use a weapon to save your life… there was a man with a large knife, coming at you.  You moved behind the hood of a car and use your handgun to drop that threat.  You are alive and the goblin is on the ground dead and twitching.  You did it… it happened.  Now you hear the sirens coming.  Here comes the police.  What happens next?

Depending on what you say and do and where you are at… you could have saved your life only to end up living in a prison cell for the rest of your life.

You need more protection than just a good handgun loaded with good ammo.  You need a Legal Weapon and Legal Ammunition.    Brothers and Sisters, that Legal Weapon is the USCCA’s Shield program.   You get this simply by joining the USCCA.  Along with that, you get Concealed Carry Magazine… one of the best “Gun Rags” out there.  One you can read start to finish, cover to cover… filled with good information and not just a collection of advertisements like some Rags.  There are no ads in it anymore.  It’s worth reading, every month.  But most importantly is that Shield program.  Read through that link… Legal Defense that’s worth joining the USCCA for alone.  I have it, and it really gives me peace of mind.

Also, The Gun Dudes is hosting another MAG-40 course.  Mas is one of the Nations best instructors.  He is the source that a lot of instructors get their information from.  But no one teaches the “What Happens Next” like Mas.  He’s the best there is, because he has literally written the book on it… several books actually. Okay, a whole library.  Here’s why you want to takes this.  Once you graduate Massad Ayoob’s MAG-40 class, Mas will come to your defense and testify as an expert witness for you, on your behalf – at no cost to you.  This is like an additional insurance policy… this is the ammo in your Legal Weapon.  This will keep your ass out of The Cooler.   And the stuff Mas teaches you can also help you save your life as he does teach an impressive shooting course.

Do this.  Go to the Gun Dudes and take that class with Mas.  Join the USCCA and get that SHIELD.  This will give you a very high degree of Protection…. Legal Reactive Armor for your Life and Lifestyle.