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Shooter 2.0 Females

On Facebook yesterday, a lovely young girl posted a picture of herself shooting an AR-15 .22.  She was proud of herself for getting out there and shooting.  I think her name was Kelly.  Pretty girl.  Cool rifle. (An M&P15-22)
And being a Novice Shooter, she held the rifle in the classic New Gun Girl Stance.  Meaning her cheek weld was directly above the rifle butt.  I’d post the picture but she pulled it down.

Why did she pull it down?

Was it her Liberal Friends who were giving her hell because she was shooting a gun?

Nope.  It was from Shooters who Dog Piled on her for her posture.  And it was a dog pile… Every experienced shooter felt the need to point out how wrong she was.   This was patently unnecessary.   This is not how we encourage new shooters to come back and pick the rifle back up and try again.  Why would she?  Why would she chose to associate with “Real Shooters” who acted like a bunch of Pricks?   This is now how we Recruit for our Team.

Some of these same Guys commented on another photo that hit Facebook.  A Woman with very large breasts, shirtless and rubbed down with oil, covering her nipples with a pair of handguns, fingers on triggers, pointing the guns into her breasts with an expression that she’s Mid-Climax.   All the guys comments were about how hot she was and not about the blatant Violations of Safety, which were pretty much 3 out of the 4.

Yet Kelly was piled on for just Bad Form?   What the hell is this?  It’s all okay if you show us your Tits?  Come on Guys!   I’ve no problem with a little Cheese Cake myself, but when you mix in Firearms we have to Throttle Back on the Inner Pig and take things just a little more seriously.  I’ve been known to post some Girl with Gun pictures myself.  But none Vulgar and none showing Firearms Safety Negligence.

What Message is this sending to new female shooters?  Daughters of my Friends?   We can’t let there be any double standards on this.   We need to treat all new shooters… Especially the Girls… with the utmost respect.  We want to grow and fill our ranks of proud Second Amendment Supporters, not chase them away.   I know this was happening on Facebook, but Facebook is freaking huge.  More people use it than Google.  So we can either make FB our Tool, or it can be used against us.  We gotta watch what we say.  People are watching.