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Thinking about selling MadOgre.com

I’m going to be moving MadOgre.com to a new server to save money.

At the same time, I’ve taken into consideration the selling of the MadOgre.com Domain. (Not the IP) And I reserve the title as “The Ogre” for my own use.
I’m open to reasonable offers. I once turned down $6,000. So any offer would have to start out there, but I feel it should be worth a great deal more.
Make your offer to me via email, or message me on facebook. Any offer accepted, I’d expect payment within a matter of a few days. And I’d expect payment in cash or money order before I transferred the domain. PayPal is not acceptable by any means.


I would like the thank Martin White for the awesome banners that he made for me. Those banners have been (and will continue to be in the archived site) the “look” of MadOgre.com for a very long time.
But now we are going to a new MadOgre.com and I think it would be nice to have a new Banner or two that gives the new site a new fresh modern – yet appropriately ogrish – look and vibe.
Unfortunately I have zero talent for making digital banners. So I need a bit of help with this. Anyone?