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A couple things I want to talk about briefly.

First off, congratulations to the UK for the birth of a potential new Monarch.  The little bundle of blue blooded joy is 3rd in line.  Tremendous national adoration for a Bronze.  Thankfully the Royals no longer play by the Richard III rules.  Even though that would be entertaining.
Just saying.
Because I’d put my money on Royal Ginger that drives Tanks and Apaches and shit.  He’s awesome.  Whoops it up in Vegas “Hangover Style” then goes off and kills shit with high tech weapons of awesome destruction.

Okay, no, really… In all seriousness…

He should do that.  Fight his way to the Crown.  Take over England and rule it with an Iron Fist.  Remove all Gun Laws and Traffic Laws and let Health And Safety have a permanent Holiday.  Then the entire UK can run through the Darwin Filter so the only ones left are the Brits with Big Enough Balls.

Now, if that works in the UK.  We do the same to Washington DC, New York City, Chicago, and Southern California.  See if things level out.  Give it a couple years.  If that doesn’t work, re-institute Dueling.  It used to be legal way back when and we didn’t have half the problems we have now.  I think the nation started to go down hill when we outlawed it.  I think if we had Dueling, CSPAN would be Pay Per View and the Democrats would become the minority in this country.