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Celebrity Addicts.

Another Celebrity has killed himself with drugs.  Many say he was a good actor. Lots of talent. That this is a terrible loss.
Yet I’ve got no sympathy for this. 
He was making millions of dollars for a few days worth of work.  He had everything the American Dream could ever offer.  A List, as they say. Yet he chose to do drugs… because he was unhappy because his life felt hollow and meaningless.
Why is that?
Probably because it was hollow and meaningless.  He chose a more selfish path… of indulgence and self gratification.  He didn’t do what he could have done… make a difference in the world.  I’m sorry… playing make belive in front of a camera isn’t making a difference.   He’s not helping people.
He’s not being a part of things… and thats why he was unhappy.  He knew it and that’s why he was found with a needle in his arm. He was running away from life… being selfish.   It’s the most pathetic end.  And I have no sympathy for it.