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Unified Front

Rob Pincus as written an article that has had me thinking ever since I read it.  You guys need to read this. Because this is important.

At what point do people step beyond the protection of the “Unified Front” clause of the RKBA Movement?

As usual, Rob is Spot On.

We can not bend our will to satisfy Fud’s and Fence Sitters.  This is an All or Nothing affair.  We give up anything today, it’s giving up everything tomorrow.  We need to police our own.  And I’m happy to see that the NRA has stepped in.  Like them or not, the NRA is our 800 Pound Gorilla, and when they lead, things happen.  The NRA called for a Boycott of gun show, because Reed Exhibitions banned AR-15 rifles from this gunshow.  As a result, they cancelled the show.
Some folks may be upset because of this.  Because they don’t like, or don’t care about AR-15 rifles.  But this is about far more than the AR-15.  Your Browning BAR in .30-06 is next.  Your old Browning Hi-Power is next.   And it’s not the gun.  Look at Diane Finestien’s “List”.  Look at those companies.  Thousands of good hard working Americans, our Brothers and Sisters, will be out of work.  I’m sorry some of you didn’t get to go the gun show to find new butt-pads for your “Kicks like a Mule” .264, but this is more important.
Cheaper than Dirt needs to feel the crunch too.  Those smug bastards were at SHOT SHOW.  They were not treated well by many.  Weak of Will, opportunistic price gougers… I’ve ordered from them in the past, but will never again do so.  And neither should you.

The AR-15 is a rifle Americans should be proud of.  It’s the Semi-Auto version of what our Military uses.  America has a long tradition of it’s Citizens owning and using the same rifle that our Military uses. After WWII thousands and thousands of used and surplus military rifles were turned to public sale.  There was even the Department of Civilian Marksmanship which sold rifles at a very low price.  (Now that is a privatized organization) I remember looking at old newspapers that advertisements for these surplus guns for 10, 25, 50 dollars.  An M1 Garand for fifty bucks, and a 1911 for 25 dollars, which left enough out of a hundred for some ammo.
But now we cant deal with our new crop of Vets and Citizens owning our military’s rifle?  This makes no sense to me.  The AR fires are around that is far weaker than that of the M1 Garand.  The Garand has been used not just for War Fighting, but for hunting everything in North America, from Deer to Elk to Moose to Brown Bear.  It’s a .30-06.  The AR-15 fires .223 Remington, a cartridge that comes in boxes with pictures of Rodents printed on it.  Yet the AR is the font of evil?

The prejudice against the AR-15 is based on Ignorance, Fear, and a huge case of “It doesn’t effect me”, well, let me tell you… It does effect you, and it will effect you a great deal if the Democrats get their way.  Your shotgun will be too powerful and you don’t need that much power to kill a little bird.  Your deer rifle will be labeled as a Deadly High Power Sniper Rifle that you Assassinate Bambi’s Mother with.  They will take away everything.  They have said themselves that this is their intent.  They have said that more than a few times.  They had even tried to ban any rifle round that can defeat police body armor – which is in fact, every rifle round.  They want our guns.  All our guns.