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I’m sick and tired of Democracy.

We’ve been entertained for the last while with the goings on in Wisconsin.  The Mobs ransacking the capitol there… the protests… the threats of violence… and worse is the flotsam and jetsam that floats to the top.  This time it’s Jesse Jackson and Mike Moore.  These people are talking about Democracy… but they are showing us what they are really about. To them, Democracy is a code word for straight up Communism.

Just look at the similarities between the what they are doing in Wisconsin, and what the people were doing at the early stages of the Communist Revolution is Russia.

At best, Democracy is the Rule of the Mob.  The Majority running roughshod over the Minority.  In this case, it’s the Minority threatening and intimidating the Majority Leadership.   It’s ugly and it’s wrong, and it’s not the American Way… because America is not a Democracy.  We need to stop teaching that to School Kids.  Public Education has programed kids to think we are what we are not.  We are a Constitutional Republic.  There is a huge difference… and that difference is what’s clashing in Wisconsin.