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At the root, Anarchy means “Without a King”.  When you say the word Anarchy to most people, it conjures up images of mobs throwing rocks and molotov cocktails and raised fists.   That’s not Anarchy.  That’s Chaos.  Two are linked in popular culture, but the reality is that they are two different things.

Anarchy doesn’t mean “Without Rules”.  Far from it.  Look at conditions of Anarchy here in the US.  What do you really know about The Wild West?  Forget Hollywood’s visions of it, and look at what it really was.  A period of time when people lived far from the the effects of regular Government and any legal oversight.  What they had instead was social order based on common law.  The nearest Sheriff was a 3 day ride on a horse… or maybe longer.  Especially out here back in the day.  You wanted to go talk to someone in the government?  That would take almost a week just to get there.

What were those people like?  In a word?  Respectful.  Never in the history of he US… and dare I say, the world, has a people lived in a time with so much peace, prosperity, and growth.  People were responsible for themselves.  Their own welfare, education, sustenance.  You sank or swim on your own labor, not that of others.  People were not comfortable with their poverty, they worked to get out of it.  People believed in God, and they read from the bible.  Many learned to read from the bible.  They were industrious.  They built things.  If they wanted something, they made it or grew it.  Bridges were built.  Roads cut through mountain passes.  People worked together.  People, the individuals, were independent… conservative by nature…. but they were independent… they were Free.

That forced growth.  With that growth came Government.  And everything went down hill from there.  Respect is almost completely lost.  Dignity was lost.  A lot was lost.

Anarchy isn’t a bad thing…  If you think about it, Anarchy is the ultimate ideal of conservative values.  But you have to separate the distinctions from “Conservative” and the GOP.   This doesn’t mean I am against Republicans or I’m staunch Libertarian… George Washington admonished us to avoid political parties, and I agree with him.  Unfortunately the Parties have a lot of power in this country.  They completely dominate this country and it’s government.  People are not loyal to the Country and the Constitution which is our national foundation… they are loyal to their Party.  I find that disgusting.

This next year is all about the politics of finding Party Candidates… not necessarily the best person for the job.  Republicans are fighting for that nomination.  I think the worst Republican that’s fighting for that position is better than Obama.  But all of that mess is a puppet show.  Don’t get caught up in it.  It’s important, yes.  But don’t overlook the local level.   Find the right guy for the job and support him… in all the local offices.  Regardless of Party affiliation.  Even if he or she is Libertarian.  We have to shore up our foundation… our Freedom.  Penn Jillette puts it well.

The reason I am concerned about this now is because I believe that very soon we will see a new period of Anarchy.  We can panic and run and lose it all… Or we can get ready for it and embrace it.  Because it’s not the end, but the beginning. We need to be faithful. We need to be prepared. We need to hold on to freedom.