Trident Arms reviews Slipstream.

Trident Arms purchased a Slipstream kit from us and tried it out.

The review is on their site here.

As expected, Slipstream performed as advertised.  Better in fact, as he threw Slipstream in a filthy class III weapon. Suppressors always make for dirty weapons. He ran the gun till it was jamming, threw in some Slipstream, and the gun was up and running again.  That’s what Slipstream does – it works – because we were not satisfied with any other lubricant on the market, so we made the best there is and no one else in the industry has anything like it.

Slipstream is the best lubricant there is for your firearms.  Need more convincing?

“Tell him thank you very much and the Slipstream is being put to very good use. I kept 2 bottles for myself and passed the rest out to the guys in my Company. There are about 40 Recon Marines using that stuff on their guns every time they head out on a patrol and we are in the most kinetic area in Helmand. Lets just say the Taliban are not appreciating his gift, lol. Thank you very much for whatever you said to get him thinking about sending that stuff.
Sgt. Mack”

I love that so much… “Slipstream – Hated by the Taliban.”  What?  One more?  Okay.

“I love the stuff…I have the belt feds lubed with it, my M9 and M4 all lubed with it as well. I am grateful for it. (of our belt fed’s)I have only run the 249 on slip and it is so freakin smooth. The nice thing is also that it stays in place unlike the other lubes out there…and it won’t evaporate. I love this stuff.

5 thoughts on “Trident Arms reviews Slipstream.”

  1. Please forgive me if this has been already discussed, but I fell out of readership with your blog some time back when it changed formats and my RSS reader went silent. I’ve only been “back” for a couple of weeks now.

    Is Slipstream the same thing as the “Ogre Juice” you tried years ago or is this totally different?

    1. Slipstream is totally different and a bazzillion times better than Ogre CLP was. That CLP used a product as an ingredient that is no longer available, so that stuff is basically dead ended. Slipstream doesn’t do any cleaning… it’s just the slickest lubricant on the planet. If you have a gun, it needs Slipstream.

  2. I lathered that nasty stuff into may RIA 1911-A1 Full Size Tactical and noticed an almost immediate improvement in trigger pull which wasn’t all that bad to start with. I put on a glove and hand cycled it for a couple of days and then used a patch and q-tip to get rid of the excess. Feels better than some high dollar guns that I’ve handled in the past. Expensive but cheap compared to an action job.

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