Ruger SFAR, a 308 AR-15

Yeah, I’m the guy that wrote “Why I hate the AR-15” a long long long time ago. I was part of Crusader Weaponry. So I’ve been on both far ends of the spectrum when it comes to AR’s. I’ve been jaded as hell about AR’s since as long as I’ve been shooting them (Enlisted in ’87) and few have impressed me. Even fewer still have actually knocked my socks off.

Then earlier this year, Ruger launches the new SFAR. It’s in .308 but it’s NOT an AR-10. Don’t call it an AR-10. The size and weight is that of an AR-15. The rifle in 16″ form (also available in 20″) weighs in at only 6 pounds, 8 ounces. When I heard about it, I ran down to the Nichol’s Store in Rock Hill, South Carolina to take a look at one in person. They had one in stock and I asked to check it out… The guy handed it to me… and INSTANTLY I knew this was some next level stuff right here. It felt like an AR-15. It handled like an AR-15. But the bigger mag-well showed that, yeah, it really was a .308 rifle.
“Put a fuqqing Bow on it, because I’m taking it.”

It’s the only AR that has truly knocked my socks off. How Ruger made this is truly impressive. The metallurgy and design engineering is fantastic. I didn’t expect to get a rifle that day. I didn’t even know I wanted a rifle that day. Honestly, I think I’d rather have snagged an M1A Springfield… but the SFAR just blindsided me. It impressed me that much. Which hasn’t happened in a decade.

I’ll do a detailed review on the rifle once I get an Optic on it so I can speak to the accuracy. Right now, it’s topped with the Magpul MBUS3 flip-up sights. These are rather new, and have the features of the MBUS PRO’s but are made of plastic. They are a little bulky like the regular MBUSs we all know and love.

I’d rather have gone with the Pros but the LGS only had the Front and not the Rear in stock. They did have the Offset versions of the Pros but maybe I’ll update to those after I get the Optical Gun Sight situation sorted out.

I don’t have any “Good” ammo for it either, just 150gr SP Federal Blue Box stuff, which is fine for any purpose I could have for the rifle here in The South. Out West, I’d want to get some 168 Match type rounds. But even that might be rather ambitious for a 16″ Light Weight AR.

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  1. I agree this is the most interesting AR pattern rifle to come out in a looong time. Looking forward to your range report.

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