Glock Generations

Of the five generations of Glock pistols, the 5th Gen is easily my standout favorite. I remember the almost mythical nature when they first came out. And my first one was a Gen 2 model 17, that at first struck me as very interesting, but I ended up up selling it, and found my way back to a 1911 pretty quickly, and then to an HK USP, SIGs, and the rest. I came back to Glocks later with the Gen 3’s and spent a lot of time with them… Especially the Model 23’s. And pretty much always removed the finger groove thing, because they are awful. The 4th gen guns were, in my mind, gigantic disappointments. They offered nothing anyone actually asked for, and are nother more than a kneejerk reaction to the success of the Walthers and M&P’s swappable back straps. They did change the recoil springs to make the recoil feel a bit softer, but at the same time kinda messed up the formula because all the sudden some guys were experiencing more malfs than normal. So to me the 4ths are like the Windows VISTA of Glocks. That brings us to the 5th Gens. Where Glock finally did what every single person that raised an eyebrow at Glocks suggested – ditch the damn finger grooves. They cleaned up the recoil springs and triggers, and they didn’t futz around with the magazine wells with lips or cut outs or something that has always ruined a good feeling grip. Glock finally got it right. Now, they could have had this right at Gen 2, by simply listening to their customers and just adding in the frame rails for lights. A Gen 2 + if you will. Done. Simple. But I do like the ambi slid stop and reversible mag releases. They’ve come a long way. And the 5’s are wearing a new DLC finish too… Which looks very nice. My Glock Model 45 is easily my favorite Glock ever. And other than the XS sights, it’s completely stock. Because it didn’t need anything else. No aftermarket triggers, no Dremel work to the frame, nothing. This is a first for me. If you’ve not had a Glock in some time or ever… Take a good look at the 5th Gens.

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  1. I bought a Gen 1 M-17, when they were making noises about banning the “guns you can sneak on airliners”… skateboard tape for a better grip, just replaced the rear sight, the funky “adjustable” thing they had to use to legally import the guns, cuz “F-Troop” finally broke. No finger grooves! 😊

  2. Glad to see you posting about guns again. I love my g45, but I’ll always have a soft spot for my G41gen4. Now if they’d only make that in a 10mm.

  3. Now if they will only update the large frames to gen 5 specs.

    I am a big .45 ACP (450 SMC) and 10mm user.

    1. IF they did that, I’d probably go and get another 10mm. .45 is awesome, but if I’m going to do a full sized frame in a GLock, it’s going to be 10mm again.

  4. I have 2 gen3 17s. One gen5 19. Love that gen5 19… didnt like then gen3 19s, but the 17 is O.K.. I am a 1911 guy and i have a p10c. Anyway, i also recently got a g20 which i LOVE!!!! Awesome piece. It is a gen 4 but it was available and i was able. Willing as well. Anyway that 10mm is FUN. I got a KKM match barrel for it and it is FANTASTIC! LOVE EM ALL, 1911-GLOCKS-ETC…

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