Grilling While Armed

The Grilling While Armed book is now Live on Amazon!
This is your Grill HQ Operations Manual. With this book, you will learn by the numbers! We will teach you! You will master your Grill as you master your life! You will become Grill Masters!
Mark Walters of Armed American Radio and I have worked very hard on this project, and it’s been a labor of love. Doing and enjoying what we do… Living the Freedom Lifestyle, with Guns and Grilled Meat!
Order your copy here!

2 thoughts on “Grilling While Armed”

  1. Looks good. I’ve had my eye out for a brisket at a reasonable price. Last one took near 8 hours before it was ready and had an epic smoke ring. I’m guessing from the title I should have been packing my BBQ gun during the process. Fair enough – my bad.

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