Gerber Flatiron

I like the lines, the length of the handle, reminds me of less Cleaver and more Straight Razor… And from photos that might be the impression. But don’t think that. It’s a small Cleaver. The blade is thick and heavy for the size and makes this more in the working class than a thin light razor.

The knife is stout. Feels solid. But it does feel very good in the hand. Opened, the 3 inch cutting edge is balanced with the length of the handle that makes it feel lighter and faster than it is. What’s not fast, is the way it opens. Maybe because the knife is just brand new out of the horrible blister pack packaging… it needs to wear in and maybe get a bit of Slipstream in there. But the motion is smooth, I can’t fault that… but the blade just doesn’t flick out fast.

The one fly in the Flatiron ointment is the Pocket Clip. It’s short and fat which makes getting it into the pocket and clipping it isn’t something that I’m not used to. The upside to this clip is that it doesn’t create a hot spot in your hand when you are using the knife for actual work. Some knives will have a better clip, but they can hurt the hand.
The clip side of the frame shows it’s a Frame Lock type knife with the G-10 type scales on only one side. Which is fine and I kind of like the Industrial look of the knife.

The blade could be sharper. This thing is not Spyderco or Benchmade Sharp… Not even Cold Steel sharp. It would do well with some attention on a stone. But for under 40 bucks, it’s a unique knife that looks like it would do well with less tactical, more KP type work. I’ll update this later after I put it to some work.

2 thoughts on “Gerber Flatiron”

  1. Those cleaver shaped blades are damn sexy.
    I hope you have a power sharpener. I have decided that Gerber blades are too hard. The last one I owned I threw away after many attempts to re-sharpen. I am a woodworker and know how to sharpen blades.
    I have little patience if a blade is hard to sharpen and won’t hold an edge. And that has been my experience with Gerber.

  2. Another on to look at is the CRKT Ripsnort. 3-1/4″ blade with elegant looking black and stainless scales. Beefy blade and it’s a flipper.

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