Gerber Flatiron

I’ve done something I honestly never thought I’d do. I picked up a Gerber. I’ve been kind of interested in Cleaver Blade folders, and this one just stood out to me. Now, I’m just not a fan of Gerber… Their designs, their Chinese production… and this one is Chinese made too. Damn it. I seriously find that irritating and I strongly dislike Gerber for that reason. I make no excuses for getting this knife… I have Sinned. Forgive me. But this knife is pretty cool…

2 thoughts on “Gerber Flatiron”

  1. Those cleaver shaped blades are damn sexy.
    I hope you have a power sharpener. I have decided that Gerber blades are too hard. The last one I owned I threw away after many attempts to re-sharpen. I am a woodworker and know how to sharpen blades.
    I have little patience if a blade is hard to sharpen and won’t hold an edge. And that has been my experience with Gerber.

  2. Another on to look at is the CRKT Ripsnort. 3-1/4″ blade with elegant looking black and stainless scales. Beefy blade and it’s a flipper.

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