The Left Knee

Here’s what’s going on.  Last Tuesday I got a twinge of pain in my left knee.  Wednesday morning, that knee was swollen and causing me huge amounts of acute pain.  It’s only gotten worse.  This morning I went to see the Saw Bones and he had a battery of tests done and x-rays.  He drained a lot of fluid from the knee and injected Cortisone into it… a lot of Cortisone.  I don’t think I’ll need surgery again.   He also gave me a script for some serious pain meds.  Right now I am without pain.   That’s a beautiful thing.

6 thoughts on “The Left Knee”

  1. Thank goodness all will be better. No pain is beautiful. Howeve, don’t get to use to those pain killers, ok?

  2. Is that “without pain” due to things in the knee being OK or is it pain meds? I hope it is the first. I hated when i had acute pain but what loathed was when the meds wore off.

    1. Unfortunately right now it is because of the meds. But the Cortisone will take care of the swelling and should bring things back to normal within a few days.
      I really don’t like taking heavy meds like what I’m on right now. When I am on them, I am not myself. I can’t trust my own judgment and I don’t carry any of my sidearms… not even a pocket knife. Because to go strapped when I’m dosed is to invite disaster. Also, the meds make me feel like I’m going to puke. Not pleasant. But at least, after so long with agonizing pain… I am pain free because of the meds and I’ve even slept. Another bonus.

  3. I can’t imagine knee pain, but I do know major joint pain and I can really feel for you. I had a cortizone shot 1 time in the right shoulder. The needle went right between the ball & cup and it hurt so bad that I couldn’t even scream in pain. The mouth was open, but nothing was coming out. It was the only time that I almost vomited from intense pain. Pain meds are a whole ‘nother animal and is a serious monkey to shake once they have their grip. Trust me, I know and am still battling with it. My pain management doctor is going to see if I’m a canidate for an electric nerve blocker implant. It’s another 3 surgeries, but if it works then my back will be pain-free, something that I don’t know what it feels like anymore, but my hips will more than likely still need some attention. I HATE pain medications and the personality effects are really taking a toll on my marriage. I’m not the same person that I was 5 years ago but Bonnie is hoping that the “old Matt” will come back if the blocker works. I’d love to be the “old Matt” again, he was a real fun guy.

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