Rolling with a Wheelgun

My EDC package.
Ruger SP101 .357 Magnum, 3″, with Hogue Monogrips

The Ruger is amazingly accurate, even with the full house 158 grain semi-jacketed hollow points.  And thanks to the bigger rubber grips, it’s not uncomfortable to shoot.  Of course, with lighter loads, it’s just a pussycat. 
This is an Adam’s Holsters Texas rig.  I’ve had it for a couple years now and it still looks like new, save for some wear along the very top edge.  Holds the gun nice and tight to the body, and I can wear it all day long.
Here we have the Benchmade Crooked River folder.  I love this knife. It’s a full sized folder, making it larger than in commonly carried.  But it’s wicked sharp, amazingly smooth, and just looks so very good.

6 thoughts on “Rolling with a Wheelgun”

  1. I carry the same gun as a field gun for when not in the city. But it’s the 4in barrel with the adjustable sights but also in 357 Mag. Beautiful gun Ruger mad here. Best field gun I’ve used. Accurate, powerful and handy, just beautiful.

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