The movie RONIN is on of the more interesting action movies out there.  The story line is simple and the plot is pretty straight forward, but it is subtle.  Action movies traditionally are about as subtle as a brick to the head, so this sets Ronin apart.

Ronin were Samurai without a master.  They were rogues, mercenaries, bandits, or just wandering souls.  This movie is about modern Ronin… the left over secret agents from the now ended cold war.   These guys who were highly trained with nothing left to use that training for.  So they accept a “mission” to take something from those who want to keep that something.  In this case, it’s a case.  What is in the case is not important to the story.  Everyone wants it and no one wants to buy it.

As subtle of a story line as it is, this movie has some big action in it.  There are more guns in this flick than you would realize, and there are 3 car chases that just get better and better each time.  The last one you could say is just “Fast and Furious”.   When you have just watched it a few times and you think “Car Chase”, you are thinking about the second car chase when Sam blows one car up with some rocket launcher.

There is a good web page about this that I will refer you to.  I was going to explain much about this, but this guy already did.   Please, go there first and read up on it first.  Then come back here and let’s talk guns.  I’m here to talk hardware.


Robert de Niro has the first gun that we see.  It’s a Mil-Spec 1911 with no special qualities at all.  This goes with Sam’s (his characters name) statement in the film “It’s a tool box”, meaning he doesn’t really care all that much about what gun he uses.  I think this turns out to be a false statement, because he uses some impressive fire power later on in the film.  The make of this 1911 can not be determined as there are many makers.  I couldn’t read any roll marks or such, so finding this out is impossible.  We can make some educated guesses however.  When this film was made a large and cheap source for Mil-Spec 1911s was “Norinco”.  Norinco is a huge arms manufacture like no one else on the planet.  When I say huge, I mean the absolute biggest.  They make everything.  They make pocket pistols to ballistic missiles and everything in between.  They also make vehicles.  Norinco is owned by the Chinese government… well… like everything in China.  The quality of Norinco’s work is surprisingly good, so if that is what Sam has, he is then armed with a solid and reliable 1911.  In the film his gun never jammed, but it took him a number of shots to hit his target… another indication that this could be a Norinco.  My other assumption on the make is that Norinco practically flooded the global market with these.  They were sold in the US for cheap, just like the rest of the world.  In fact, when I got shot in the chest, (yes I was wearing a vest) it was with a Norinco 1911 that was smuggled in from Mexico by the Mexican guy who shot me with it.  His example was old and abused.  The slide rattled on the frame, but it was obviously still very functional.  A testament to both Norinco’s work and John Moses Browning’s rugged design.

We see Sam stash the gun and shortly there after retrieves it.   This is supposed to show is according to Peter’s article, that Sam is very careful.  Actually I think it shows Sam isn’t as smart as we are supposed to believe.  That is of course unless Sam has a second gun that we were not shown.  If Sam is as smart as he is supposed to be, then we would have another gun.  Most likely an ankle rig with a .38 snub nose revolver. Hmmm… of course, Sam’s 1911 could also be a Colt.  Flip a coin.

The next gun on the screen is Deirdre’s.  Played by the odd but beautiful Natascha McElhone.  She is lovely, but can some times look like Skellator.  Very weird.  Her gun is a Jericho 941.  This is interesting.  Deirdre is from Ireland.  Yet she has a gun from the middle east.  This tells me that she is connected with a group that has ties with a middle eastern terrorist group.   Jerichos are most uncommon in Northern Ireland, where Browning Hi Powers are king.  So she has the Jericho some how… not a bad choice at all for her.  It’s 9MM, so is easy to shoot.  It has a very slim grip profile that makes it easy for small hands.  So for a woman who wants a high capacity automatic that she can shoot easy… and one that is proven in terms of reliability… then the Jericho is ideal.  The only gun that I could think of that would be at this level would be the CZ-75.  However the CZ-75 was only starting to come out of the wood work so to speak when this film was made.  They were around, and popular with some police, but it wasn’t out there like it is today.  Jerichos are abundant in the middle east, used by Israeli military units.  So snagging a crate of them and sending some up to the IRA would not have been a problem.    You can get one today, brand new, but with a different name.  Magnum Research is importing them under the name “Baby Eagle”.  Some have called it a “Mini Eagle” and this has given rise to the misconception by the “Counter Strike Crowd”  (guys that only know as much about guns as they have gleaned from playing video games) that the Baby Eagle is just a compact Desert Eagle.  This is laughable.  They are so mechanically different in every way that if you ever hear someone say that they are the same, just slap them across the face for uttering such foolishness.

About the Audi.  After the group is assembled in a warehouse and they are talking about the plan, we hear Larry talk about the car.  He says he “needs something fast”.  An Audi S8 with Nitrous.  He also requests larger “injectors”.  To the non-auto-nuts, he is talking about Fuel Injectors, the little spray nozzles that squirts the fuel mixture into the cylinders.  This shows a good level of technical competence in Larry.  Because if you take a big V-8 engine and hook NOS up to it, you will get power and speed.  But you also need more fuel and more air or you are just choking it out… limiting it.  Undoubtedly with these changes, he would replace the fuel pump with a stronger unit and modify the air intake system to really open it all up.  Doing that, he would also have to reprogram the engine’s computer to deal with the engine’s ignition timing and what not.  Doing so, his Audi could be generating upwards of 600+ horses depending upon how aggressive he is with the NOS.  Seeing as how he only needs the car for a little while, he is probably very aggressive with it, but not too much so as to jeopardize the mission. Let me just say that I wouldn’t want to be the guy buying this car used after he is finished with it.   The engine is probably going to be burnt after only a few hundred miles of such power usage.  Not to mention the transmission and other drivetrain components that are not designed to deal with such power levels.

When they are getting ready to roll out, we seen Spence (Sean Bean) checking out the weapons on a table.  The camera angle masks most of these guns, but I was able to ID several of them.  Spence cycles the action on a Remington 870 pump that is fitted with an extended feed tube and a cruiser grip.  The aftermarket fore grip has a nylon loop to help the shooter cycle the action easier in panic condition.  This config is popular with police all over.  So we can guess this gun was stolen from a police cruiser some place.    We also see Spence loading and an HK USP that he tucks into the back of his pants.  Spence is an interesting character played to great effect by Sean Bean.  Spence is nervous, scared, doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the crew.  He was probably military, and probably assigned to a “Regiment” like he boasted.  However, he was obviously not one of the Operators.  English folk don’t really get a lot of weapons familiarity, yet Spence does seem to know the guns.  He was probably the unit’s Armorer or something.  He knows how to work the HK MP5K, which isn’t your average gun on the street… so he has used them before… but we see that he can’t quite shoot it very well.  This hints that wasn’t an operator.  Later we see him puke after his first fire fight.  This doesn’t necessarily mean anything… Just that he was pumped full of adrenaline.  I know guys that have been in hundreds of gun fights… and after its over they have the shakes and sometimes puke too.  Means nothing.  I am getting ahead of myself here.  Let’s go back to that table Spence was at.

download (5)

Vincent aka Jean Reno picks up a Beretta Inox and some spare mags.  He also grabs a nickel plated Taurus and hands it to Larry.  Larry uses this gun at the end of the second chase, and then we don’t see it again.  Or do we?  I’ll get to that in a bit.  From a different camera angle we can look into a gun case on the table.  In the case are 3 large frame revolvers of some types… but no one uses them.  If I was Larry, I would have take those and stashed them in the Audi.  A heavy caliber revolver would be like a cannon compared to the other guns everyone is grabbing.  It would be perfect for engaging another vehicle driver.  Oh well, Larry is just the wheel man and not a shooter.  Let’s get in the Audi.

Sitting in the Audi (I love Audis… I grew up in them.  My Dad always has always had one.  Though now he’s into VW’s) Larry is about to light up a cig.  Sam tells him not to and Spence says “Right, bad for the night vision”.  No, Spence… it’s bad for the group, because you can see a lit cigarette at night from a very long way away.  It also lights up the smoker’s face.  This gives a sniper a good target to aim at.  Can also give away the other people in the car too.  That and they just stink.  So there are any number of reason for Larry to not smoke.  Night Vision isn’t necessarily one of them.

The guns come out in a flurry here in a second.  We see a glimpse of a number of pistols in one of the cases in the station wagon, but we can’t see what they are.  Not important either.  What is important however is the rifle.  It’s not in the car, its held by a sniper that Sam sees and engages with his 1911.  We can’t really see the rifle to ID it, but it appears to be a brown wood stocked hunting rifle with a large scope on it.  This rifle and the sniper falls into the river with a little help from Sam.  De Niro is a great actor… I love him.  I would love to take him out shooting… because I hate to say it, he is a really shitty shooter.  If you scan the DVD carefully you see that in almost every fight scene when he starts shooting he closes his eyes.  Kinda funny.

Sam’s shooting aside, it starts a flurry of firing by everyone.  It’s remarkable that none of the Ronin are hit.  The bad guys are armed with simple and boring Glock 9mm pistols… probably model 17s.  Now, the “Salesman” guy that was doing the talking, he is armed with something more interesting.  He as a chromed SIG P239.   The chrome job is custom work.  He paid good money to have this gun chromed.  This shows us that this gun broker guy has some good taste in firearms, but he is a still a slimy French pimp.  Spence does manage to hit him, with his HK MP5K, but it was almost an accident.  Spence seemed to be spraying the front of the BMW more than anything.  Vincent tags out another one of the bad guys with his Beretta while Sam scores a second kill.  If you look at Vincent and his shooting, we see he is more careful with his shots.  He braces against the wall while taking partial cover here.  Vincent has been in more than one gunfight.  Cool thing to note, his gun is ejecting the empty cases really really hard.  A lot harder than a normal 9MM load does.  He is probably loaded up with +P+ ammunition or more likely some of the SMG rounds intended for the MP5K.  SMG ammo while similar to pistol ammo, is loaded much much hotter.  That means it’s loaded to higher pressures than pistol ammo.  9MM ammo was originally designed to be very “hot” (meaning high pressure) but when it came to the US from Germany after WWII in greater numbers it was thought to be dangerous because it was fired in old and often rusted up guns brought home as trophies.  At this time the famous Luger of Nazi fame was also brought home as war trophies.  The Luger would be loaded and fired with the newly made, underpowered 9MM ammunition.  This caused it to jam up a lot and the Luger got the reputation for being unreliable.  Well, it was plenty reliable when it’s fed ammo loaded to the proper pressures.   How the hell did I start talking about that?  Never mind… back to the movie…

In Spence’s defense, his shooting could probably be due to the huge muzzle flash that his gun is spitting out.  How could you aim if you are blinded like that?  Anyways, where was I?   Back to the Pimp’s SIG… we see this gun again later in the film, so remember it.  You don’t often see chromed SIG P239s around.

After the last bad guy hits the ground, our hero Ronin make an escape.  Here we are introduced to the Audi’s performance.  This is the first car chase btw.   Buckle your seatbelt.  Larry is slinging his car around the curves like the pro that he is and that beautiful Audi V-8 engine is just singing.  Power and Glory my friends… Power and Glory!  Larry is a great driver too, notice the way he takes the curves?  He gets the car to do a little slide, but there in no over correction in it or any slop… flawlessly done.  The slide is used to put the car pointing in the right direction and he just nails it.  I can do this too, and have done it in an Audi 4000… it is a lot harder to do this in big cars… much easier in smaller lighter cars.  This Audi is just badass.  I love it.   Okay, okay, I digress…

Lets get back to the guns.

After the first chase, the crew relocates to a new city, leaving Spence in Paris.  They are making more detailed plans now and reviewing maps.  In one part, we see Deirdre coming out of the bathroom, stops by a bed and picks up and checks out her pet SMG… an early example of an HKMP5.  This chick rolls with a rough crowed.  This gun has probably been in the IRA and used as a workhorse used in many raids.  Don’t mess with the girl.  She has teeth.

This brings us to Ambush #1.  The fight opens up with Sam busting open the lead car with a 40MM grenade fired from his HK69.  The HK69 is a fantastic launcher.  Its more accurate than our M203, and it has a greater range due to greater strength that allows the use of more powerful cartridges with the same payload.  The only problem that I have is that this hit as they show it, might not be actually possible.  Such grenades have a safety built in that requires the grenade to fly a certain distance before it arms.  This is measured by the spin of the grenade.  Such a close range probably doesn’t allow the grenade to spin enough to arm the fuse inside the grenade body.   Maybe there are grenades for such close in work, but I doubt they blast with lots of fire and no concussion.  These low pressure fireballs that movies show are most pathetic.  But that is a Hollywood issue and not something to talk about here.  An HE grendade detonating so close to the person launching it could very well result in a wounded grenadier.   The bad guys react really fast, and that’s good.  But they also react really wrong, and that’s bad.   The main car does it right.  In a vehicle ambush the proper response is to drop the hammer on the gas and get the hell out of Dodge. That’s Dodge as in Dodge City… meaning you get out of area as fast as possible and you don’t slow down until you can no longer hear gunfire or you reach a safe zone.   The other cars stay and fight.   This is no good.  They should have stomped the gas too, because now the principle is racing away without support.  Well, another car joins it, but I still consider the action of these body guards to have been a complete failure.  The bodyguards do put up a valiant fight.  The first two that pop out are uses Czech made Skorpion submachineguns.  A good choice for VIP Protection.  Being as they are in Europe doing that duty, it’s a logical choice.  I’ve mentioned this gun in my Guns of the Matrix article.  These 2 guys are duped by Sam’s simulator and Vincent engages in a surprise attack from the flank with his Beretta 92 Inox.  Sam trades his HK69 for a rifle.  (I don’t know about you, but I’d have rather reloaded the HK69 and dropped another 40MM HE on the bad guys)  We didn’t see the rifle in the car when we saw Sam inside getting the grenade launcher ready… but he pulls one out anyway.  I’m still wondering about that.


His rifle is a SIG 551.  A shortened version of the SIG 550 rifle used by the Swiss military.    The 550 series (there is the 551 Carbine as used in this film and the 552 Commando which is much shorter still) is the pinnacle of AK-47 development.  No, it’s not an AK… but it uses the AK’s action and no one else does it better.  The rough and crude AK system is refined and honed in the SIG, working like the veritable “Swiss Watch”.  It has a gas cut off that allows it to fire rifle grenades.  It would have been really cool to see that done in the movie as you can fire the rifle grenade, switch the gas system, cycle the action, and have been back in the fight in about a second instead of diving into the car to switch from the grenade launcher to the rifle.  But hey, you gotta use what you have, and rifle grenades are out of style and probably very hard to find anymore.  Reason for this is that they are patently dangerous.  You have to fire a blank rifle round to shoot the grenade and an accidental use of a regular round would have very ugly results.   People have discovered this the hard way.

Let’s go back to the fight.

Where were we?  Oh yeah, two guys with Skorps are distracted, Vincent opens up and Sam breaks out the SIG 551.  (which again he fires with his eyes shut) Another car rolls up in a supportive position and we see 3 guys returning fire.  One guy is using the classic AK-47 while the other 2 are firing Uzi SMGs.  The AK guy is providing some heavy firepower here.  The two guys with the Uzis both get shot and killed.  The one guy over the roof goes first.  What a dumbass.  This is not the way to do it, and he pays for it the hard way.  Another guy comes up to take his place.  This new guy is armed with one of the better, more interesting guns in the picture.  A Beretta R93.  This is pretty much a classic Beretta 92 series that is fitted with a longer ported barrel, a little fold down fore-grip, and an extending shoulder stock… oh, and its set up to fire 3 round bursts.  If I could have any gun out of this flick, this would be it.  Sure the 551 would be badass to have… but the even more rare R93 would be just fantastic.  You can take the stock off and carry it (in single fire mode) like any other Beretta 92.  Even use similar holsters, and if things get hairy, you can attach the stock, and slap in your seriously high capacity (20 and 30 rounds) magazines and go to work.  With the stock on and with some skill, the R93 is seriously effective.  Much more accurate than the famed Glock 18 because of the added stability of the folding stock.  An excellent choice for a bodyguard.  Good luck finding one for sale here in the US.  There are only a few and are thus astronomically expensive.  If you can find one fore sale and buy it, because you could turn around and pretty much name whatever price you wanted for it.

The ambush fails and thus results in a chase.  This ambush I have to say was set up really poorly.  Sam might be a good spy with some combat skills, but planning an ambush isn’t one of them.  You see, an ambush is designed to pour an overwhelming amount of firepower into the enemy to destroy as much of it as possible.  To do this, you should have had more guys than just two.  At least you would have wanted to maximize what the two guys had.  Vincent popping away with his little 9?  No way.  Give Vincent the SIG 551 and have Sam bust out the big gun that he saves for the Ambush Part 2 at the end of the chase.  (I’ll talk about that gun in a second)  Sam isn’t as smart as he is made out to be, is he?  This is what happens when you hire “Spies” to do the work of “Grunts”.

Now let’s cut to the chase.  During the case we have a daisy chain of badguy, good guy, bad guy and good guy.  Larry is on the heels of the car with the case in it… he is driving his sexy hot-rodder Audi S8 while his is followed by the Case Guy’s bodyguards.  (the guy with the case… he has the most interesting face, doesn’t he?  I wonder if he is in other movies.  He looks like the perfect example of a rich French prick)  These guys are all driving Citroens which are not really known for being all that fast.  I’m not sure about these new late model modern Citroens, but they certainly are not going to be able to get away from a 600 horsepower Audi.  No way.  Then again, there are few cars that could, eh?  Trailing the group is Vincent and Sam in a little brown Mercedes.  There is no way that this little car is going to keep pace.

EDIT:  Okay, I’ll admit that I made a mistake.  I dissed the Merc and this was my mistake. The car in Ronin isn’t the run of the mill Merc that I thought it was. It is a 450SEL 6.9, which is a very special car in the world of Mercedes enthusiasts. While it looked mundane, under the hood lurked a very large engine with a very large output. In fact, it was the largest engine Merc ever put in a car up to that point. Given this, yeah, I’m sure the Merc would have had no problem keeping up and playing along.  Broke Yates tested one and had it up at 150 MPH which is 10 over what the factory said the top speed was.

Sam breaks out a shoulder-fired light anti-tank weapon.  I am still searching for the type of weapon Sam uses.  It has a collapsible launch tube similar to our LAW rocket of Nam fame, but it’s much bigger.  Somehow Sam scores a hit and takes out the body guards tail car.    This is one hell of a shot… firing from a moving car, at a moving car while racing along a twisty road?  I’d hate to be the guy rolling the dice on that shot… but of course Sam makes a solid hit.  For all of his shortcomings, he is quite the useful little CIA agent isn’t he?  Before becoming a spy he must have served in the Army shooting lots of rockets and few handguns and rifles… just not planning the ambushes, eh?

The chase takes them into another little French city and ends very abruptly by our man Larry using the Audi like a battering ram and hammers the fleeing Citroen into a street café.  Larry is a good man, I wish there was more character development with him.  Moving quickly, Larry draws his stainless Taurus automatic and shoots the driver of the other car.  The chase now turns into Ambush #2.  Larry extracts himself from a bad position by diving out of the Audi.  This is the last we see of this magnificent car… *Wiping away a tear* He ditches the car with Spence’s Remington shotgun in hand and scrambles for safety.   Larry is a wheel man and not a gun man… so while we could have expected him to end this fight right then and there with a couple blasts of 12 gauge… he doesn’t.  He just wants to get to his next car.  Larry is like the character from the game Grand Theft Auto or something.

Cue Sam.  Oh, NOW Sam breaks out the heavy firepower… “Yeah, Sam… where was that back in the city of Nice?  Huh?”  It’s an FN MINIMI.  In the US we call it the M-249 SAW.   Remtek’s review of the SAW is so good, I have nothing else to say about it.  Well, I have a little.  I fired these several times in the Army, an older version that has a selector that allowed a rate of fire of 1,100 RPM.  At this setting, it was just insane.  You could blow through a whole box of ammo in just seconds.  You could cut trees down.  What this would do to an enemy soldier… just thinking of facing this made us shiver.  Much respect to our forefathers that faced the angry end of German MG-42 machine guns! MG-42s fired that fast as standard… not to mention in a larger caliber… super scary.  They called it the Reaper of the Reich.  The new version of the SAW has the ferocity tuned down a bit, to the rate of 800RPM.  The weapon is also very accurate.  Short controlled bursts is the rule and Sam follows it.   He busts open one bad guy with his SAW and this makes us wonder again why he didn’t use it during the first ambush and finished the whole group!

We see our girl Deirdre break out her old trusty MP5.  She works it well, as if she has done this before and we think she has.  This makes us wonder why she wasn’t on the assault in Nice where she could have been put to better use that just saying “They are coming” on a radio.  Gregor brings his own gun to the fray here, a Glock 34.    This version of the Glock is similar to the Glock 17 in frame size and capacity, but sports an obvious difference.  A long barrel and slide.  This gun is intended for competition, but lots of other folks like it too for its precise accuracy.  His slide is opened and this would allow for compensation via vent holes in the top of the barrel to reduce recoil.  I can’t tell if he has these or not, but I doubt it as we later see him with an attached suppressor and a Bushnell Holosight.  You cant have a vented barrel with a suppressor on it.  Of course, he could just swap barrels too… who knows.  In this ambush, he has the gun Plane Jane and fires off a few shots before he goes for the case.  After he grabs it, we see him switching the case and giving a fake to Sam.  The fake is a bomb and Sam avoids the danger by noticing he has silver paint all over him.  (Same silver paint Gregor uses to paint over the windows in the apartment they staged out of)  French SWAT arrives on the scene and that ends this section.

Wait a sec… check out the Frenchies.  They are armed with standard MP5 SMGs… and two shotguns.  One is the famous SPAS-12 of movie fame all over.  The other is a less likely weapon, the USAS-12.  This gun is unique… it’s an automatic shotgun fed from either box magazines or a drum mag.  That is some heavy hitting firepower right there.  I don’t know if the French SWAT teams would really even have one of these things.  Yeah, they are powerful… but they are also very expensive, very large, and just unwieldy.  They make the SPAS-12 look good.

Okay, now we are back with Gregor and this time in one of my favorite vehicles ever, a Jeep Cherokee.  Gregor is a pretty smart fellow.  You can tell… he has a Jeep.  In the Jeep he is met with some French guy.  Who he is doesn’t matter.  Gregor takes no chances and searches this Frenchy for a weapon.  He finds Larry’s Taurus 945SS.    Funny that.  Larry must have dropped his pistol in that ambush.  No matter, it is the same handgun.  This isn’t the only recycled pistol in the film.  I guess with all the cool guns there wasn’t enough?  Hey… I am wondering if Spence left that HK USP or if he took it with him.  Anways… Gregor fires a shot with his now suppressed and optically sighted Glock 34.  A suppressor that sized will not make a shot sound like that… not even close… Wait a sec.  Gregor missed a gun.  Frenchy has a Glock 26 all the sudden.   This Glock is a good hideout gun because it is so freakishly small for an auto that can hold 10+1 rounds of ammunition.  Good choice Frenchy.  Oh, wait a sec… bad move French.  If you pull a gun on Gregor, the first rule is to just shoot the bastard.  Frenchy breaks the rule and gets drilled through the head.  Explain to me this… a close range shot that is powerful enough to splatter a quart of blood and brain matter on the window… but not enough not break the window?  The shot should have shattered the side window.  He must have been loaded with Magic Bullets.  These appear in movies all over the place, but not in gun stores so we can buy them.  That’s too bad.

A few minutes later we are at the Stadium.   In the stadium we find Gregor talking to two old friends from a safe distance and from a position of advantage.   These guys are obviously old German spies like Gregor was.  The talking guy is armed with an interesting pistol… a Walther P5.  Common in Germany, used by the German state police and smaller departments all over.  However it isn’t that good.  The triggers suck, they are not that accurate, but they are very reliable when in good condition.  You don’t see these very often in the US.  When you do, they are very spendy.  Often over 1,200.  In my opinion its not even close to being worth that much.  Especially not for a large 8 shot 9MM.  This guy seems to like his, which is the only reason to have it.  His silent partner has a much better handgun.  A Beretta 92F.  You can’t have a movie with out one.  I think it’s a requirement to have one on every set, even if it’s not in the picture.  There is a good reason to have it.  Accuracy is one.  Reliability is another.  And capacity is another good reason.  The only downside is that is a large pistol.  I guess its not a problem carrying these concealed if your wearing a really ugly snowmobile suit like this guy is.

Let’s back up a little.  Sam.  What happened to his 1911?  I don’t know, but I do know he has replaced it with a SIG P220.  He probably got hooked on SIG products after playing with 551 rifle.  “The Thinking Man’s .45” the SIG P220 is without a doubt the #1 double action .45 automatic pistol.  It’s a good choice.  I had one that carried for years and absolutely loved it.  Long story how I sold it, but the reason for selling it off was that it was starting to get very tiny hairline fractures in the frame right there at the feed ramp.  This sometimes happens to old P220s.   It doesn’t effect the gun really… but I just thought it was time to move on.  I had fired countless rounds through it and carried it on duty with confidence… because it had NEVER jammed on me.  Ever.  Not once.  Would I buy one again?  Without hesitation.  Sam is still getting used to his gun.  You can tell… he fired at Gregor and missed.  Wait… that might have been because he was shooting with his eyes closed again.

So Gregor runs away… only to be picked up by Seamus who is armed with… The Pimp’s shiney SIG P239.  This is the other recycled gun.  Seamus is no pimp and him having this particular gun is a disconnect.  Seamus is smart, sneaky, likes to work from the shadows… a long time veteran of the IRA.  I really doubt he would have had this gun.  I could have seen a Browning High Power… but not a chromed SIG P239.  There is nothing wrong with the 239 it’s self.  Far from.  It’s one of the top concealed carry choices out there.  Small, but potent.  Chamber in 9MM, .40, or .357SIG… it’s a pocket rocket.  8 or 7 round capacity, it trumps a .38 Jframe.  I’d love to have one of these… but they are a little spendy, but worth every penny.

Now the story moves to the ice rink.  Our girl is set to snipe with a flattop AR-15… but who cares about that?  Bleh.  About as uninteresting a selection as a Glock.  Totally pedestrian, there is no way to tell the make of this rifle.  We only see it from a steep angle.  No loss, it is not important.

What is important is that Gregor, the nasty German, is finally taken down.  And done so with a cold heartedness that Gregor deserves.  If you can’t tell… I don’t like Gregor.  I mean, come on… he had a Glock!  The Russian Boss man puts one into is forehead with a suppressed Beretta 92FS.  Sure, it’s a good choice, but is that would a guy like this use?  No… this is a guy that has the funds to buy the case.  I would have rather seen him with a SIG P210 (Okay… that would be way too many SIG weapons in one movie) or an HK P7.

Seamus later tags Sam and Vincent… but Vincent nails him with his Inox…. And that is pretty much it… end of report.

Thanks for playing.

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  1. Nice review, I love this film. It’s in my Top 10 of all time. Just one thing, though. Sam’s new pistol isn’t a P220, but rather a P228 9mm, which holds 13 rounds in the mag. You can tell by the shorter barrel, rounded trigger guard and fatter grip. Other than that, nice write up!

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