14 large pork shoulders. Rinsed, patted dry, trimmed, scored the fat cap, coated in olive oil and covered with a more mild version of my Redrub. This is off to a great start.
The pork shoulders went on the grill at Midnight… Low and Slow… Temp set to 275 degrees. We’ll let this go for about 10 hours.
20151031_101237 (1)
After 5 hours, I wrapped them in foil, and splashed a bit of pineapple juice on them… And let them go another 5 hours. After lots of watching of the temp… They came off the heat, and allowed to rest for another hour.
The results were incredibly moist and tender and delicious. If you zoom in, you can see the pork is very moist… Many folks in the Carolinas take the pork and chop it up into a fine mince while splashing in large amounts of NC style Sauce which is basically apple cider vinegar and red pepper flakes. I don’t do that. I pull the pork into shreds and chunks and let the pork speak for its self. I only serve sauce on the side. My bride has made excellent sauces at home. Nothing store bought. We serve Eastern Carolina, “Carolina Red” which is basically Eastern but mixed with ketchup, and South Carolina Mustard based sauce. You don’t need a sauce but some people just have to splash sauce on everything. That’s fine too.
This was enough to feed my entire ward at my church, with left over to spare for those having hard times at home… and for those that just wanted more. Those that tasted it – said it was the best they ever had. Considering how seriously people from the Carolinas take their BBQ, I consider this the greatest of compliments. I’m thinking about getting my own BBQ Trailer and getting into Competition. Or maybe doing Q for special events… Such as at a Shooting Competition or special shooting class maybe. Catering for special events. I don’t know. I’m considering this.

12 thoughts on “BBQ”

  1. Stop. Just stop that right now! You are making a fool of my feeble attempts to smoke pork, a mere 10-15 pounds at a time. And you are making me very hungry.

    Now, I’ve got to get my smoker going. I can’t cook more, but I can try to do it better. Low and slow is the way to go. I’ve focused more on brisket recently. Got to get back to the pulled pork shoulder.

  2. Not to say its better, but a lazy man’s way; in the krock-pot, 12 oz. Of root beer per 2lbs. of boneless shoulder, 8 hr. on low. Drain, shred and mix in sauce of choice. It ain’t gourmet, but its tasty.

    1. That’s not BBQ. That’s Potted Meat, with a much higher fat content.
      Once you taste the difference – you’ll toss your crockpot.

  3. Good looking meat. Whatever you do, dont take an enjoyable hobby and turn it in to a job. The drudgery of having to do it to make a living sucks a lot of the enjoyment out of it for most folks.

  4. you are now an official card carrying NC good ol boy!! we’ll even overlook that pineapple juice deal. We pick our butts seriously in NC!!

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