Prosecute Hillary Now

Hillary Clinton needs to be prosecuted now.  Dragging this out to a point people get tired of hearing about it and the subject gets ignored – shows a clear message that the United States of America has different rules for you and The Elite.    As it stands right now, she could be convicted for:

Contempt of Congress.
Obstruction of Justice.
Destruction of Government Property.
Destruction of Government Records.
Theft of Classified Information.

These are all obvious charges…  Most of these charges could get you or I about 40 years in a Federal Hole.  And these should be very easy charges to prosecute and convict on.  If you or I were in Hillary’s shoes – we’d already be in prison.  But there is one more than needs to be considered with Hillary.  Espionage.

Espionage could be a bit trickier – but could have Hillary standing up against a wall or swinging from a rope.   And that’s not as far fetched as it seems off the cuff… and I think this might be why Hillary has done everything she can to withhold and destroy as much communication as possible.
She has a history of getting her hooks into secrets.  Missing FBI files were discovered on her desk, remember that?
What she’s doing with all her secrets, is what I would like to know.  But the fact that she’s collecting them for her own personal use, or using them as a leverage for international favors – doesn’t matter.  Espionage is a rather broad spectrum crime.   But it is a charge that can fit on Hillary’s shoulders.  We could have Johnny Walker level espionage here considering her dealings with Uranium and Russia.
For that to reach a conviction though, we will have to uncover some damning evidence.

In the mean time – Hillary could be rotting in a cell on all the other charges while the DOJ investigates Espionage.

Here’s the other thing…  She’s lied so much about these emails… What else has she lied about?   People are going to have to double check her entire record.


21 thoughts on “Prosecute Hillary Now”

  1. Bringing a Clinton to justice is proving to be near impossible. I’d be willing to bet that her & Bill have enough dirt on everyone that could do them harm and/or have enough money to buy their silence. She is part of a very powerful family and I would be very shocked if she gets anything more than just a slap on the wrist.

  2. She is being supported not just by the dems and George Soros, Russia and China are supporting her, they read her emails sent and received on an open server and now have more than enough to control her/what she does “when” she begins to rule. The movie Manchurian Candidate comes to mind. ANd she Don’t care as long as she has the power. WWIII in sight starting with a new “civil war” in the US. Of course the path to such global slaughter is being paved by the Muslim traitor in the White House…

  3. That it’s even possible for her to run makes me sick. People talk about bad politicians, even if I don’t agree with you, I just expect you to have some integrity, and the woman has zero

  4. Ain’t gonna happen under Holder.

    But a Republican attorney general would probably have time, in 2017, inside the statute of limitations to jail her ass.

  5. I’ve been saying “None dare call it Treason” since Bubba and Bruno were in office. I truly believe the only “Justice” she will ever receive will be from someone who doesn’t care for their own life from several hundred yards out. The same for Barry.
    We are in deep kimchi.

  6. There are 330 million americans. Fact.
    There are 100 million Americans who cannot
    Tell you the name of the vice-president.fact
    This country is done for, finished. Fact
    Nothing can be done. The far left has won.
    Wait till hillary wins the white house and packs the supreme Court with 2 or 3 more liberal judges. We are fucked for sure then.

  7. I honestly don’t see how her campaign for the presidency survives this. The whole thing reminds me of a modern tractor pull where the weight on the sled starts out at the rear until you build up a head of steam and then moves forward until you stall or lose all traction and grind to a halt. Handling top secret information like it was your grandmother’s cookie recipe has plenty of weight to bring that about.

    Oh sure, I get that its “the Clintons” but there are aides and ancillary folks in on this and they have no such “immunity”, much like the Scooter Libby case a few years back. If we can put him on the griddle for essentially nothing and prosecute Gen. Petraeus for a similar but less serious crime, surely we can derail Hillary’s pompous a**.

    If not, then, those of you who say we are “doomed” are surely correct.

  8. I fully expect her to get a persidential pardon from Obama in the waning minutes of his presidency even thought he and Hillary arent exactly “best buds.” While Republicans eat their young, Democrats will happily go to bat for each other.

    Bernie Sanders, //shudders// though is starting to pull ahead of her in the polls, so maybe even leftists are seeing she has no business being president.

    1. Obama can only pardon her IF she is Prosecuted and Convicted.
      But even if she was – I don’t think Obama would. Because they really do not like each other and many other people have been convicted of much much lesser violations of these laws. Him pardoning her would look very very bad because of her spot in the lime light. Most of those that get pardoned like that are friends and supporters – and Hillary is neither – and people that do not have national/international attention.

      1. Maybe. I should point out Nixon was neither prosecuted nor convicted, but still pardoned by President Ford. Yes, I realize Hillary is not actually the president and I’m not nearly old enough to know if Ford and Nixon were amiable at all. It is a different situation but the precedent is there and she does have a sizable enough following that can be turned off to the Dem “brand” come election time.

        No matter what, I expect the worst possible level of decision making ability from this administration on ANY issue. I’ve seen it enough at work on the simplest of issues to expect anything else. They are either incompotent or evil, but it doesn’t matter because the media would rather stir indignation among anyone still paying attention, if at all, over some dentist poaching a lion.

  9. I don’t think anything will happen to her either. As far as the presidential election is concerned no matter how well trump/sanders or any of the others do the super delegates in both parties will make sure it is bush vs clinton in my opinion. If i had my way there would be no super delegates and all contenders would be on the ballots in thier respective primaries and the 2 winners would be decided after all votes were cast in all states.

  10. The occupant of the White House (I won’t call the current idiot by the title) can indeed pardon anyone for any and all criminal acts committed in the United States even if you are never charged with any. Frankly, if any of the scum in DC were going to go to the big house Killery would have been looking at the world through bars since at least 1996, but she is not “Little People” like the rest of us.

  11. Now that I think about it, there may be a another reason why nothing will happen to Hillary. You see, at work this morning I tried to send an email that required encryption. For me, that typically means the email content or an attachment had a Veteran’s personal identifying information on it. Billing information and other things also require encryption. When I tried to send it, I got an alert stating the recipient did not have the ability to unencrypt the email. In other words, I couldn’t send the confidential information.

    I don’t think its a stretch to believe the State Department has a similar alert. Which means that in order for Hillary to send out classified information, she would also have to receive it as well. The senders would have to intentionally unencrypt their messages so she could read them, which would put them in violation with the law. Considering her position, there are probably quite a few people in the political class they would also have to throw the book at which might cause some problems for the “most transparent administration in history.” Some animals, really are more equal than others.

  12. That’s your next president you’re talking about. Because even after Trump’s Circus leaves town, the Republican field combined won’t get near her popular vote. State of the Nation…

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