Glock 30s

There was a time… 2013, where the Glock 30s was the object of my desire.   Having spent some quality time with one… I’m not all that hot to trot for it anymore.


At 30 feet, that’s a respectable group.  But I just feel… “Meh” about it.  Not that there was anything wrong with it.  The gun shot very well.  And 10+1 Capacity of full bore .45 Auto is nothing to sneeze at.  That’s more ammo on board than a full sized 1911, in a package that is much smaller and lighter.  Trigger was typical of Glock’s 5.5 pound trigger… You feel one, you’ve felt them all.  And I know that can be altered at will thanks to our friends at Lone Wolf Distributors.  And the sights too.  The sights on factory Glocks… Why THE HELL are they so stupid?  Seriously.  They suck.  Balls.  They suck balls.
The grip needs a bit of work being rather slick in my hands.  To me, really, Glocks are project guns.  Spend some time with them, making them feel and fire how I want them too.  And then once the project is over, I just feel done with them.   I like them enough to want to play with them… But I am not emotionally attached.   Like Vegas hookers or something.

I know all the arguments for the Glocks… I do.  I sang them myself when I was drinking the Glock-Koolaide.   But… I’m just… Done with Glocks.  They are just not me.  I don’t feel that connection with them.  I don’t feel that connection with my Microwave Oven either.  But I do with my old fashioned Weber Grill.  One is an appliance that I use to get a job done.  The other gets that job done, but takes time and care… and I spend more time with it and come to love it all the more every time I use it.  Not the Microwave.  And not the Glock.

But if you like it – I understand way.  I respect your opinion.   Mine just differs.



3 thoughts on “Glock 30s”

  1. Ogre, you Magnificent Bastard!

    same sentiment..
    g20sf. for a while. loved the 10mm. lone wolf 6″ barrel.
    also dropped in a .40…
    great guns- the Volvo of sidearms.
    just couldn’t get passionate about it.
    no soul…
    traded it for a… GP

  2. I completely agree.

    My “old” first gen G22 (40 S&W) is an inelegant, utilitarian tool. It works. It seems impervious to abuse. I will trust my life to it. But, I do not love it. Maybe not even “like” some aspects of it. I can depend on it, and that’s what counts most.

    I love my ’69 civilian Belgian Browning FN Hi-Power 9mm. Every thing about it. I might well feel the same way as you about the Beretta Storm .45. I don’t “need” a .45, but would like one. Your thoughts on the subject might steer me toward the Storm. Perhaps I will check it out. Thanks for the review.

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