7 thoughts on “Ted Cruz.”

  1. Heh. Upon seeing this video the other day, my exact comment was “The Gun Culture has found its candidate.” I showed it to a liberal co-worker, who asked if he was going to hate it. I told him he would hate the messenger but hopefully like the message. He rolled his eyes when he saw it was Ted Cruz, but he watched it, and ended up liking the message.

      1. I annoyed him once by telling him he was a Reagan Democrat. 8^)

        While I think it is possible to get him to consider voting for a Republican, I’ll be satisfied if I can get him to throw his vote away on a 3rd party. Won’t matter in the end, because barring some calamity, Alaska’s electoral votes are going to whoever gets the GOP nomination in ’16.

  2. We need a Presidential competency matrix. It should include such things as Military Experience, Business Experience. Admin Experience (being a Governor.)
    This is the kind of thing that led John “He Was In Viet-Nam You Know” Carry to live his life like Jack Kennedy, until the party went Commie and so did he. Geoff Who knows it’s only a guide, but an interesting one.

    1. What we need are major network reporters that do journalism, vet candidates, and report what they find.

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