Going to the Gun Show in Charlotte, NC tomorrow.

I’ve not been to a good gun show in YEARS. In 2013 I went to a gun show in Wilmington, NC that was the saddest little gathering I’ve ever seen in my life. The last good one I went to was a Crossroads of the West in SLC… well, actually far south of SLC, but never mind… That was a gunshow where Crusader Weaponry had a booth and it was good… had fun.  Nothing since then.  Wilmington doesn’t even count as a Gun Show.
Now, I hear that these gun shows in Charlotte are big deals. We shall see. Evidence that it’s a big deal is that I tried to get a table for Point Blank Range and was told that they sold out last Feb. So that’s a good sign that this will be a lively event.
I’m going to be there, and I’ll be handing out some coupons for free gun rentals… So if you see me – make sure get that coupon.
I may take something with me to sell or trade as well. Bartering is the fun part for me at these events. Finding those killer deals, leveraging them and flipping them and leaving the show with more money in my pocket than when I arrived. If the show is fluid enough. So we will see… we will see.

10 thoughts on “Going to the Gun Show in Charlotte, NC tomorrow.”

        1. Gah! Robert! I didn’t see your reply! Dang it!
          I’m so sorry – that would have been a blast!

    1. It was actually impressive. A truly legit Gun Show. I will go back to the next one.
      I came away with a T-Shirt and a book, but spent most of the time inviting people to Point Blank Range.

  1. I don’t know if you know about the Greenville SC gun show this weekend or not, it is at the T D center , approx.. 700 tables This is a SCACA club show. That is south Carolina arms collectors association. We are an old club and the profits go to pro gun endeavors I think you would like the show. I worked shows for approx. 17 years and it was always one of my favorites. Go on our web site for more info. J G

      1. I hate that, thought you would enjoy a real G S .If you are a watch person go down the street past Hyatt Guns and check out Sumter’s Jewelers on the left about 2 blocks down . I have been using their watchmaker about 38 years, they have some uber cool watches in stock. Send me a PM I will talk to the owner if you need anything. Gault

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