madnessGeneral Petraeus pleaded guilting to moving and retaining Classified Information.   Personal Notes.
Now we’ve got SecState Hillary Clinton who had Email Servers set up in her own home… and exclusively ran ALL her emails through her own server.   In direct violation of Federal Record Keeping laws.
And the tactics of defense they are using to counter questions?  To insult the question and mock the person asking questions about the emails. Roughly 55,000 pages of emails.
How many of these are classified?  How many counts of moving and retaining Classified information is on top of the violations of the Record Keeping laws?
Remember this is the same Hilary Clinton that had stolen/missing FBI files found on her desk.  The same that had a Staffer caught red handed stuffing documents down his trousers.  While at the same time people around her were either getting arrested or winding up dying of mysterious suicides.
Hillary Clinton is the Reincarnation of Al Capone.   She’s the least trustworthy person in DC next to Al Gore and… Well… Most of the DNC Figureheads.

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      1. He did — but he was honest.

        When even the dishonest start to catch onto this, there’s a serious chink in the armor.

        1. You can’t say “chink” the US Army was spanked for the use of the word when describing problems with some tank armor…it that don’t show the insanity rampant today I don’t know what would…

          1. That’s so stupid. “Chink in the Armor” is not referring to a combat ready Asian. That’s an old saying meaning there’s a problem with your defense mechanisms… going so far back that it literally meant there was a problem with the armor. As in your armor didn’t fit right and left a gap or some other problem. There is no, and never was, any racial slur to the statement.
            The Army just picked up on one word and decided it was bad. Now, if it was the word “Nigger”, I could see there being a problem. That word is offensive and there really is no other use for it other than derogatory. Unlike other words that are now offensive but didn’t use to be. Like “Fag”. A Cigarette to some, Bobby Flay to others. Now, I don’t use the “N-Word” as I am not Racist. And I find it offensive. But really other than that the whole thing about politically correct words you can or can’t use… I don’t got time for it.

            1. Back around the turn of the century, a DC councilman was relieved of his job for using the word “niggardly” (meaning “stingy” or “miserly”), which didn’t have any racial connotations until some guys with really weak vocabularies conflated that word with the one you mentioned.

              There truly is nothing new under the sun.

  1. Our country is pretty much being run by gangs – as we’ve seen in the past week, many of the Republicans are no different from the Democrats. Unfortunately, judging from the way they vote, most Americans are just fine with it, or too apathetic (or stupid) to understand what’s happening. If things don’t change pretty soon, we’ll just be living in another third world country.

  2. From White Water to Cattle Futures Hidabeast is the most corrupt person ever to hold high office in the US. Let us not forget that she is the FIRST and ONLY First lady finger printed by the FBI in a criminal investigation where the missing documents were ‘found” in her living quarters with her prints on them but she had no idea how the got there or where they were all those months and no charges ever filed. If she is elected its civil war in three years.

  3. Nobody has asked who provided security on this server? Kaspersky? Red China?
    Who knows it doesn’t matter, just another puppet in the White House for the godvernment.

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