7 thoughts on “Slidelock Radio 02-28-15”

  1. As I get older, I’ve come to appreciate revolvers more and more. S&W’s M-49 J frame is a style I like, shrouded hammer but still thumb cockable. The old Colt Detective Specials could be fitted with a bolt-on shroud, plus is a 6-shooter. The old Ruger Speed-Sixes were sweet guns too, in .357 mag. I like that feature of a none snag yet cockable hammer a lot. Even a de-horned hammer with serrations filed on top can be started back w/the trigger then thumbed back for a single action shot. A 2″ – 3″ K frame set up either way would be a great carry gun, IMO.

  2. Carried the GP 4″, switched to the SP for 10+ years and then switched back to the GP once the Clapp version came out and found the sweet spot. The sights, grip, length and finish are what GP needed to be a perfect carry piece. You still have to do a little filling and sanding to get it just right but that’s just Ruger. Have a pair of them now and both have been abused in Shaws and Ayoob classes.

    1. Ayoob’s class is old school… but I really enjoyed it. Learned a lot regarding the After the Bang situations.

  3. Nice segment. I agree with your conclusions on snubbies. I am currently running a couple of S&W K frames and a Colt D frame but I admit to having lusted after a Ruger SP 101 for some time now.

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