Shooting the 464 SPX

First thing, you’ll notice that the rifle is sporting a different butt-stock.   Thanks to Matt for sending it.  The new stock still had some wiggle to it like most all M4 stocks do, but it’s not rattling as it fits much better than the original ATI.   It’s bit lighter, and a lot less bulky.  It feels much better.  I’m keeping the rubber pad, which is the bulkiest bit now… not for recoil, but to anchor it in the shoulder while you run the lever.  Recoil is a shove, since the gun weights nothing.  But it’s nothing too sharp or uncomfortable.  It may be a tad bit much for smaller children, but I have seen reduced recoil load for .30-30 – I believe from Federal, which would allow this gun to be quite manageable.   For anyone else, it’s really no problem.   Now, I did learn that the location I have that little Streamlight TLR-1 mounted at… That’s just got to go.  Because that will impact your support hand in less than comfortable ways.
B-jEql-CYAAQJuwHere are a few shot groups.
Yes, they are hitting a bit low because I still need to adjust them.  I’ll do that once I pick up some Loctite and get out a tiny little screwdriver.  Then I get set it and it will stay.  But you can see the groups are not bad at all for a short, light lever-action carbine.    That nice little Cloverleaf makes me very happy.  These Mossberg 464’s are shooters right out of the box.

Now, they are no Winchester 94’s to be sure.  The action still needs to work in and the loading gate and feed mechanisms need to wear in a bit… but the gun really did run great.  I had no problems with it at all.   I really couldn’t be happier with this little thumper.

Update:   Here’s what it looks like now.20150224_110438
20150224_110505I can’t wait to get this out and hunt with it.  All I’m going to add to this gun is a sling.  A simple black nylon GI sling.

19 thoughts on “Shooting the 464 SPX”

    1. No, the only character so far that uses a lever action is the Roth girl… and I don’t think she’s made an appearance yet in U:R.

  1. Sorry George; I know its strictly for function and I realize you have a specific purpose in mind but it’s still just too butt-ugly tor me

    1. These are not for everyone.
      Should I come across a set of regular wood stocks though – I should be sorely tempted to swap them out.

  2. There needs to be some .45-70 Lever goodness going on in Russia.
    I DO find myself looking at these for a “do it all” gun.
    One to just have when and where I may need a rifle.
    And if I bang it up… it may just look better.


  3. If they made a 30-30 with a normal plastic/fiberglass butt stock I could concider it, and if they made one with a normal stock in .357 I’d have to have one, I just can’t look past that M-4 stock on a level gun!

    1. See, what I don’t get is that you say that with the user name “Bebop”. Which is either for the type of music that you are a fan of, or it’s from the greatly amusing anime series “Cowboy Bebop”. Now, if it’s for the music… well… We can’t be friends anymore. If it’s for the Anime… Well then… That’s where there’s a disconnect. If you are such a fan of the show that you take that for the screen name… and part of your email addy… One would think that you would be really grooving on the 464 SPX because it’s like a gun right out of Cowboy Bebop.
      It’s also like it’s right out of Borderlands. Which may be why I like it so much.

      1. The screen name is taken from Cowboy Bebop, and I am a big sci-fi fan (not so much anime these days, I haven’t seen any good new ones in a while).

        I want to like the SPX, I really do. I like the idea of rifle with an easy to adjust LOP, and while I wish they would have gone with a modular solution like KeyMod or Magpul’s Moe or M-Lok to keep it clean, I like the idea that you don’t need to buy anything else to mount something to the rifle, it’s good to go out of the box. I just keep getting hung up on the M-4 styling of the butt stock. It’s like they’re trying to take a fine lever gun and make it something that it’s not to appeal to kids who grew up playing too much Call of Duty. I’m all complaining and no solutions though, I don’t have any easy answers for how to make quick LOP adjustments without using a similar set up.

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  5. Ah yes, another example of the advantages of the good ole “thutty-thutty.” While this particular rifle is not as esthetically pleasing as say a vintage “real” Marlin 336C from the 60’s (like the one that allowed me to take my first white tail), it is functional to the extreme. The combination of mild recoil, very light weight, quick handling and effectiveness, combined with a simple rimmed round at the right velocity and with the right shape for woods and typical short distance hunting as resulted in that cartridge probably being responsible for more venison on the table than any other two cartridges ever devised by man.

    Yes, please find a synthetic hunting style set of stocks, if available, or at least wood. But, “purty is as purty does” applies and in that sense, it is beautiful.

    1. If I do find a set of nice wood stocks for it… I will strip the paint off it and have it blued.

  6. i think you may have gone about this all wrong. you should of had gun doc whip you up a folding stock like a modified m1 carbine or an ak stile underfolder attached to the standard lever gun hand grip. then it would be easy to pot hogs from your pickup. of course I don’t know the regs in the Carolinas, but in Ohio if you get caught potting game from the road they will put you in jail.
    but seriously if you could work it out that would make a pretty neat fold away lever gun that you could still use with the stock folded.

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