The Dan Wesson Valor Bobtailed Commander

It’s called the V-Bob by those that are fans.  It’s quite easily the very best production 1911 you can buy.  Period.  To get better, you have to go up into the Customs like from Wilson, Nighthawk, Brown and Baer…

B84X7SvCIAA_I0oWhat’s your favorite 1911?


5 thoughts on “The Dan Wesson Valor Bobtailed Commander”

  1. I’ve got a C-Bob and other than the over-travel screw coming loose, it’s been a Jem. I just think that CZ is doing its best to price itself out of the market.

    Back ten or so years they had an excellent product at a really good price. Now they have a good product at a less than optimal price.

    Other side of that comment is that if they sell everything they make . . . . they don’t care.

  2. My all time favorite is a 1911A1. I have one made during WW2. Rebuilt of course. But shoots like a dream.

  3. DW Valor. Made me want to ditch everything else I own and focus on 1911s–which I didn’t do because that would’ve been silly.

  4. My favorite? Mine of course… = p

    My local arms dealer was showing me some of DWs “blemished” guns. Some of the things they were marking them down for are almost unnoticeable. Marking it down a couple hundred bucks for a scratch by the rear sight tells me how insane their QC must be.

    Lately though, I keep looking at the Sig Scorpion Carry.

    louie the lumberjack

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