Honda Pilots.

Living in SC (South of Charlotte), I’ve noticed an overabundance of Honda Pilots.  I can’t prove it, but I have a strong belief that over two thirds of all Honda Pilots sold in the USA are sold in the South of Charlotte area.  I’ve sat at intersections where every other vehicle was a Pilot of one color or another.  It’s crazy Pilot country here.  I think there is some dark Pilot Conspiracy here.  Since I’ve noticed this, I think the Pilots know that I know and now there are more of them around during my commutes two and from work.  Maybe not – but it seems like it.

It’s not that I have anything against the Pilots. It’s just that there are So many of them here .  It’s disturbing.  Every area has it’s choice of car…. Never thought a Pilot had an area.  Then again, I never thought I’d I’d be living in NASCAR country either.

11 thoughts on “Honda Pilots.”

    1. Huh… well that’s just weird. I’d not seen this Honda ATV but I’m familiar with the Honda Odyssey ATV, which is very similar to that machine. And then Honda also made a minivan called the Odyssey…

      I suppose Honda can make a good machine, but can’t really bother to get too creative with their naming.

  1. If you start seeing them all parked in the cul-de-sac next to your house, like those cats in the Stephen King movie “Sleepwalkers,” best prepare for war.

  2. Ragin’Dave. I believe you are thinking about the Honda Element as my Pilot would have stinking, moldy carpet if I hosed it out.

  3. The Wife has been driving a 2003 Honda Pilot since it came off of the dealership lot. Racked up 150K miles so far and and the biggest maintenance items were changing the timing belt and having the interior climate control fan replaced. When we go in the snow it is one of the most stable and sure footed vehicles I’ve used on a road. Great vehicle!

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