Rules for Retailers

Great customer service is a perception that belongs to the Customer, not you the Retailer. For you, that is the Goal and not the accomplishment. Don’t every think you have it… because then you stop striving for it.

Great customer service is also meaningless if you don’t have inventory. If you don’t have inventory, your service is just from your lips. Invest in inventory so you have something to show your customers. Inventory is both Asset and Anchor… so you have to keep it moving. If you are not moving the inventory, it grows stale as people tire of seeing the same thing every time they come in. So if you have to, rearrange it. Move things around so in the customer’s eyes inventory doesn’t become architecture. Your rifle rack should be a rack of rifles, not pillars holding the roof up.

Marketing is critical. That’s what brings the Customers in. Everything is Marketing and can potentially be good for you. Or it can be good for your competitors. It’s how you choose to use it.

2 thoughts on “Rules for Retailers”

  1. Looks like someone’s itching to get back into the gun store world. If you moved back to Vernal would Basin Sports rehire you?

    1. I’m sure they would. They rehire former employees who leave on good terms all the time. I left on very good terms. They took me out to dinner and gave me a gun and very nice pair of binos.
      Sure, I’d have rather had a very nice gun and a pair of binos… lol… But it was the binos that I had been wanting to get for some time, and they gifted me the last pair.
      Great people there at Basin Sports.
      However, I would not choose to return to Vernal Utah. Visiting, sure. But I do not want to live there again. Neither does my family. We want new adventures.

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