Top 6 Hottest Redheads

Redheads… My kryptonite.  All women are beautiful, but Redheads are truly hot.  Some are hotter than others, and then there’s the hot ones that you would love to just hang out with.   Here’s my Top Six.  In no real order:

6.  Amy Adams.   Even Superman was twisted around her finger… so how could you hope to resist?  She is too cute.


5.  Emma Stone.  Those eyes.  But there’s a degree of malice behind them… you know she’s quite capable of killing you in your sleep but you are okay with that.  Because of those eyes.  That and she could totally come with us to kill zombies.  But we wouldn’t leave her with the car keys.


4.  Alyson Hannigan.   She’s crazy.  Girl next door, home town knockout.   She’s quirky – and you know you like that.  Because that one time at Band Camp.


3.  Christina Hendricks.  We fell in love with her in Firefly, YoSaffBridge, the most dangerous character Captain Mal almost went to that Special Hell for.  And all the guys would have lined up behind him for that trip.


2.  Felicia Day.  Our favorite Geek Chick… We’d all do an all night role playing session with her.  Who wouldn’t?  She’s got more Geek Cred than any guy I know.  When she rolls for initiative… let her win it.


1.  Kari Byron.  The real reason we’ve all watched every episode of Mythbusters.  If she’s not the reason – turn in your Man Card.


25 thoughts on “Top 6 Hottest Redheads”

      1. I meant Felicia Day, not a fan. Rest of the list is top notch, would replace Day with anyone of these:

        Kelly Reilly
        Jenny Wade (not sure if she is a natural)
        Isla Fisher

  1. I watch Mythbusters for the explosions. Do I still need to turn in my man card?

    And where the heck was Karen Gillan?

  2. You got my top 3 in there.
    #1 Kari Byron
    #2 and 3 could change depending on my day and mood.
    Alyson Hannigan and Christina Hendricks.

  3. I meant Felicia Day, not a fan. Rest of the list is top notch, would replace Day with anyone of these:

    Kelly Reilly
    Jenny Wade (not sure if she is a natural)
    Isla Fisher

  4. Okay… My Top 6:

    1. Vica Kerekes
    2. Amy Adams
    3. Jane Seymour
    4. Karen Gillan
    5. Christina Hendricks
    6. Alyson Hannigan

  5. I can get on board with all of those except Christina Hendricks. I do not find her attractive at all.

    I’d replace her with Morgan Smith Goodwin (aka The Wendy’s Girl).

  6. So, who else thinks that Kari Bryon firing that chain gun is the most sexy thing ever?

    1. Closely followed by the scene of Kerri in evening gown and gloves racking the 12 ga.

  7. Kari Byron is not a natural Red Head, pour her into an evening gown 20 years out of date and give her a shotgun and I DO NOT CARE!
    Jamie needs to hire a real hairdresser however. Some of the things done to Kari’s hair constitute felony abuse.
    That was a Dillon Mini-gun in 7.62mm. Chain guns are almost all turret mounted. I’m not sure about the US Navy package guns.
    Who wonders what happens when they run out of Korean War surplus HV rocket motors?

  8. I would add Charlize Theron to the list. Although usually appearing as a blonde, her natural hair sometimes is seen in photos, is red chestnut. One hot woman.

  9. I know you can’t all be teenagers! Where’s Dana Delaney, Mary McDonnell, maybe even Gates McFadden? Heck, after seeing her put a bunch of brass in the tumbler in “Tremors” I even had a thing for Reba McEntire. For a few minutes.

  10. Who cares if Kari Byron is a natural? Neither is Christina Hendricks (she’s a blond). They’re both on my “easy on the eyes” list, though hanging out with any of them requires more than their looks.

    Agree on Jane Seymour. She’s been on the Hottest Redheads list since Live and Let Die. 40+ years a hottie!

    Amy Adams – was so cute as Amelia Earhart in Night at the Museum II.

    Emma Stone. Yeah – those eyes.

    Alyson Hannigan. So cute. Makes you just want to hug her and squeeze her and . . .well, probably not name her George.

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