Decision Making

The Obama Administration has a clear pattern for decision making.
If anything is going to fuck up the USA, help the spread of extreme Islam, crush the American people and put them at risk… We do it.
Guy deserts the Army and joins the Terrorists… Let’s trade him for 5 of the worst we have at Gitmo.  So what if it breaks the law in doing it – make it happen.   The US Marine in Mexico?  Ssshhh… We’ll ignore it as long as we can, and then act like our hands are tied.    The Economy is struggling – Summer heat is coming – Let’s raise energy costs!  But how can we make that as bad as possible?  Emissions cut by, oh, I don’t know… 30%!    Oh, and while the VA Hospitals are letting Vets die… Let’s add insult to that… and let’s look at cutting Combat Pay.

Obama is the King Midas of Crap.  Everything he touches turns to shit.

It’s like Obama is going out of his way to fuck up America.

11 thoughts on “Decision Making”

  1. “It’s like Obama is going out of his way to fuck up America.”

    Uh, Ogre, it’s not ‘like’ he’s doing that. He IS doing exactly that!

  2. Ogre, you’re preaching to the choir here brother. All of this was predicted to come true the moment he took office, yet the democrat voters didn’t give a rats ass as to the ramifications of their actions. Dare I say they’re blinded by the antichrist himself? Living here in Kansas with 8 dirt burners going full bore keeping the lights on here, and in several neighboring states, the news about O2 reduction went over about as well as a turd in the punch bowl. As for the purported deserter, time will tell what his real story is.

  3. Full agreement – but giving them a bunch of illegal immigrants won’t help, they haven’t even outlawed slavery there and the green-eyed ones are probably descendents of slaves taken in Europe centuries ago – check the mitichondrial DNA. (See: The Sack of Baltimore, Ireland. – 100 villagers taken into slavery.) That crap about Alexander the Great is probably pandering too.

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