Richard Dryfuss on Guns

Certainly a surprising Pro-Gun attitude from Richard Dreyfuss.
However the Shall Not Be Infringed, while shockingly clear, is misunderstood by Mr. Dreyfuss. Voting is a Right. Free Speech is a Right. Gun Owning and Bearing is a Right. Driving a Car, however, is a Privilege. There is a difference. Because The State has the right to determine who can operate a Motor Vehicle on public roads. Applying the same model to Guns means that Guns become a Privilege.
Also, he seems to think that SOME guns are okay… while OTHERS are Bad and should be locked up and controlled by someone other than the Owner. This is where things fall apart and shows that Mr. Dreyfuss has a way to go in understanding the very reasons for the Second Amendment.
Also, the Second Amendment is not written poorly, or vaguely. It is very clear. It’s just allowed to be argued because it’s rude to call someone ignorant of their own language. Let me break it down into a common interpretation for those in Portland Oregon. The Second Amendment says:
“Because we have to have a well regulated Militia, the right to keep and bear guns shall not be infringed.”
Because the people just had a war against a well regulated militia. It’s those Militias that are the worry… The spear point of a Government. The people need guns to keep the Militia and the Government in Check. Notice how the Second Amendment mentions Militia, but doesn’t mention Self Defense or Sport or Hunting? Because those things are a Given. Taken for Granted like growing vegetables and chopping wood to get ready for winter… Everyone did that because that was the way of life.
And regardless of the interpretation because of bad English skills… the last sentence is absolutely very clear. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. It’s not “Shall be Debated.” “Shall be Regulated.” SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Period.

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  1. As much as I’d like to watch that video to see it for myself I’ll just rely on your assessment here. That way I don’t have to put up with Piers Morgan pretending to have any moral worth while having made money through dodgy share deals, lied to a jduge about phone hacking and published Islamist propoganda photos that others were able to debunk in a few days.
    Whatever happened to his promise to deport himself if the USA didn’t abandon freedom in exchange for rule according to his decrees on gun control?

  2. Applying the same standard to guns that we use on automobiles means that a 15 year old kid can buy a machinegun on ebay, have it shipped to his house via common carrier, and then use it on his parents’ property as much as he wishes, all without getting any government permission.

    If he wanted to take his machingun out on a public right of way, he would need to get a learner’s permit, and get a set of plates and insurance for his MG. But as long as he stays on his parents’ back 40, he needs no such paper.

    1. That’s the response I give every time some moron claims guns should be “licensed/registered/insured” like cars. Often they think I’m lying when I say that you need none of that unless you are operating your car on a public roadway.

      Afterwards I offer to obtain a license and insurance(all handguns sold in my state are registered through the purchase permit scheme), so long as I am then allowed to carry my pistol anywhere and that my “carry license” will be recognized in every state/county/municipality. They usually start convulsing trying to now argue for “state” rights.

      Lastly, I explain that I can take my drivers test in an automatic honda civic and then jump right into a 640hp EQUUS Bass770 or take my motorcycle test on a 150 honda scooter(legal for the test in NJ if it has gears) and then jump on a Hayabusa. Apples to apples, pass my “carry license” with a .22 and carry a Glock 18.

      I can change mufflers on my car without some special tax or permit(suppressors). I can add a supercharger for nothing more than the cost of parts(lightning link/DIAS). On and on.

      It’s usually the last time that they use the “just like cars” meme, often ending with lots of expletives. It’s also usually the instance where they show their true colors of simply wanting to ban guns because they have no self control.

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