9 thoughts on “D&D”

  1. Yeah, Vin Diesel is a must. And he grew up playing. Felicia Day? She plays and she’s nerd-hot so yeah I’d want her too. I’d want Ryan Reynold’s wit (assuming he’s as witty as the charcters he plays on screen) and if we are looking at four payers I’d want Nathan Fllion in there too. If I wanted Rob Zombie in my group it would change the dynamic of the party. I’d need different peeps in there.

    DM’s gotta be from the UK. It’s the accent. Jude Law, Daniel Craig or Ewan McGregor. Either one would do.

    Oh,who am I kidding? Patrick Stewart DM’s

  2. Morgan Freeman as DM: Party Lena Headey, Christopher Walken, John Malkovich, Tina Turner, Duane the Rock Johnson, and Kate Upton wearing something.

  3. You definitely want Larry Correia. I’ve played RPG’s with him and he’s an awesome DM. Vin Disel for sure.(Because he has his D&D character’s name as a tattoo.) Rob zombie would be hilarious. Dang, he chose all the ones I’d take.

  4. For starters: Jim Butcher, Larry Correia, Eric Nylund, Stephen Hunter, Adam Savage, Paul Giamatti, Seth Green, Aisha Tyler, Jeremy Irons, Kate Sackhoff, Morgan Freeman

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