Top 10 movies that need to be made.

10.  At the Mountains of Madness. By HP Lovecraft.   Directed by Guillermo Del Toro.
9.  The Black Library’s “Horus Heresy” series.  The first 5 books. Directed by James Cameron
8.   Man Kzin Wars.  By Larry Niven.  Directed by JJ Abrams.
7.  Stephen King’s The Gunslinger.  Directed by Quinton Terantino.
6.  Starship Troopers.   This time, following the book. Directed by Micheal Mann.
5.  Larry Niven’s Ringworld.  Directed by Ridley Scott
4. The Iron Druid series.  Directed by Stephen Speilberg
3.  Monster Hunter International.  Directed by Joss Whedon
2.  The Grimnoir Chronicles.  Directed by Bryan Singer
1. The Uprising Saga.  Directed by Tony Scott

22 thoughts on “Top 10 movies that need to be made.”

  1. And John Ringo’s Posleen war (Legacy of the Aldenata).
    And something from David Weber -Honor Harrimgton or March Upcountry.

  2. Twenty years ago they would have been impossible but with the advent of our current generation of computer generated special effects someone really needs to take a crack at some of the better stuff from the “Golden Age” of science fiction. Agreed, “Starship Troopers” needs a do over but I’d love to see “Men, Martians and Machines” by Eric Frank Russell or the Lensman series by E. E. “Doc” Smith.
    The whole series might be a stretch but I’d settle for the first one, “Triplanetary” .

  3. Almost anything by David Drake would translate well to film. His writing style is such that you could just about take the book and use it for a script. Starliner would make a good one, and could be done either simply or with massive CGI, depending upon the budget plans. Redliners would be another good choice, but would absolutely require massive investment in CGI.

    1. You could say the same thing of Mike Crichton’s TIMELINE book, which read just like a script.
      But did not turn into a decent movie, at all.
      But maybe cause the book sucked? Not really, it was pretty decent, but the movie just… didn’t have the right director.

      1. Yeah, it still has to be done right – anything can be butchered. But those two that I mentioned would likely come out well, assuming that the director and special effects folks did their part.

    2. You beat me to it: just about any of the Hammer’s Slammers novels, Starliner, The Dragon Lord.

      The Miles Vorkosigan novels by Lois Bujold.

      Know what I’d also like to see? Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, from Fritz Leiber’s books, properly made into a movie. Or two.

  4. Seriously, Dead Six would make for a fantastic action movie if done right. It would have to follow the story and the tone of the book though. Picking the right director would be key.

  5. I’d be worried that James Cameron would turn the Horus Heresy into some mroality tale about what happens if we don’t follow his green agenda.

    I’d like to see the Lost Fleet or Dread Empire’s Fall series added to that list somewhere.

  6. The first three books of S.M. Sterlings “Dies the Fire” series please. Or (Ahuuum) “Recon of Worlds” by C. Sarver on Amazon books…….snarc

  7. Fields Of Fire by James Webb. I don’t know who should direct it but I’ve always thought it would be a better Vietnam war film than anything previously. By far, As long as it followed the book as closely as possible that is, It’d be really easy to screw up.

  8. Dear Lord,
    The list of books that should become good movies is endless.
    Although your list is a good start.
    I would definitely add “Armor” by Steakly too it.

  9. As an alternative to Starship Troopers might I suggest Armor by John Steakley. While it lacks the political/social message of Troopers the story to me is better defined and the main character more real, struggling through hopelessness, defiance, resignation, and ultimately sacrifice.

    Though I’d be happy with either movie done well.

  10. 1) Stanislaw Lem’s Fiasco – directed by someone who can handle black comedy. The invincible and the Pirx tales would also make good movies/TV. The Cyberiad… less so.

    2) Niven is particularly ripe.. The integral trees/smoke ring, mote in god’s eye, destiny’s road and footfall stand out in my mind. Any might be better done by AMC than MGM.

    3 )Herbert’s Destination Void novels, and also various hit and misses such as the Saratonga barrier. But no more Dune ever again. Prolly best done by AMC.

    4) Card’s Alvin Maker series.

    5) Heinlein’s juveniles. Best as movies.

    6) c s lewis’s space trilogy.

    7) Monster Hunter, best done by AMC.

    8) greg bear’s eon.

    9)blish’s cities in flight.

    10) LotR done as an AMC series at a pace to finish it in 9 years. 3 years per book = 40 x42minutes per book. About right . Bombadil and the scouring of the shire fit into that kind of timeframe.

    Which is to say, we all have different ideas than Hollywood.
    No mention of Philip K Dick, L Sprague du Camp, or Lester del Ray…

  11. A sequel to Leon: The Professional starring Natalie Portman

    Aliens vs. Predator but based CLOSELY on the original four part comic book series.

    1. No way. He had The Thing, and for that I’ll give him credit. But he also had Vampires. And Ghosts of Mars. You remember that one? With the screechy munchkin voiced Reavers? Yeah, that was him.
      No, I’m afraid John Carpenter is just not happening.

  12. You know, the more I think about it, just which Kzinti tale would you chose to be made into a movie?
    There are so frikkin many of them.

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