Yesterday morning my wife and I went to look at some motorcycles.  Huge dealership not too far away.
Honda, Zukes, Yamaha, Kawasaki.  All bike types.  They had everything.
Many bikes to drool upon.
But one bike specifically caught my attention and held it and I’ve not been able to think of anything else.  It’s like it was designed for Me.  It fit.
The Star Bolt R Spec with the Ogre Green tank.
Its not a fancy bike. Or fast. Or anything special.  Its just a simple motorcycle.
I love it.  I’ll have to get one some day.

16 thoughts on “Looking”

  1. Nice looking bike. I haven’t seen one on the street yet but I imagine that will change soon. Is the cruiser style any easier on your knees?

    1. They are. A lot. I was thinking another Enduro and have it made Supermoto, but its a lot easier to throw my leg over a cruiser.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but I never understood the “sprung” seat on a bike with a rear suspension. Otherwise a good looking bike.

  3. Interesting…it has that industrial look to it and also nice lines. Good choice but an endure would be very fun in your part of the state as there is no shortage of off-roading and there should be some areas where you can tear it up on the beach.

  4. Grrr…that’s what this bike says. Nice. Good size for many types of riding, too. Floorboards are great for us old farts who have to change leg positions while on trips…maybe aftermarket?? Don’t wait – it’s a neat bike.

    1. I like some of their stuff.
      If I was going to mod the Bolt, I think I’d do something to raise the clearance of the pipe. I don’t like debaffling them as some guys do. But raising it a bit would be good. I don’t like the Lights and such on the tail, so I’d want to mod those to clean up the rear. The back reflectors look like afterthoughts bolted on. Look like crap. Those would have to be modded.

  5. not bad looking, you should test ride an HD Street Glide… one of the best riding cruiser bikes i have been on… put 1150+ miles on in 24hrs, it was the last day of a 14day trip and we had already put on over 4K miles, no problems (except lack of sleep).. of course it is probably twice the price.

    1. Look at the price difference. See, your talking about a completely different bike. I want a minimalist bike… a Bobber. Nothing fancy or needless.

      1. I hear ya. The Bolt looks like it fills the ‘bobber’ function quite nicely, daily commutes with the occasional 200 mile ride. I’ve always been a fan of the Yammies… owned several (still have 2), more on the sport/tour side though, but never had a problem with one unless i did something stupid to cause it.

        Not trying to push the HD, I was always a sport bike guy, never thought i would own one of these big sonsabitches (now i have 2). Never thought i would have a use for a cruiser bike for that matter, but if you’re looking for comfort (you mentioned your knees) with some attitude, that Street Glide is probably HD’s best bike. pretty minimalist for a bagger, yeah yeah it has a fairing and a stereo but it is no Goldwing or BMW. With the lower ass-end it doesn’t feel like a big bike when you’re running it. I can throw it into a corner almost as well as my sport bike (of course the floor boards send out a bit of fireworks) and with 103cu you can run it in and out of traffic dern near as quick as the smaller bikes. As a bonus you’d have storage for your gear for training or an over night trip and the comfort to run 400+ mile days if you wanted. Throw on a back rest and a TBag and you can pack enough gear for you and The Wife for a week or more.

        I know you have a lot of miles on 2 wheels so i am not telling you anything new and you’re looking for a bike for a specific function. But if you get a chance, rent one for a weekend, I’d bet you’d be pleasantly surprised on how well it handles.

  6. My main complaint with the Bolt is the air cleaner.
    The same complaint I have with HD, with my knees… it puts my knee at an unnatural angle and HURTS.
    Still have both eyes set on a SuperDuke.


  7. Not much lean angle on those low cruisers…. getting into a corner and running out of lean angle is bad ju ju.

    1. I’ll get a KTM 990SM-T for sporty riding. I’m not ready yet for putting my knees through sportbike torture right now.

  8. I am in serious lust over the KTM Duke’s ever since they first came out like 15 years ago IIRC. I am thinking about the new 390, or a used 690 of I can find one. Unfortunately the 990 is out of my price range, and smaller bikes fit my ridding style better. Rather go fast on a slow bike, than slow on a fast bike.

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